Sunday, February 4, 2018

Wow! This Is The Most Writing I've Done In A Long Time

So once again I'm back just an hour or so after writing the last post. I went and had a bath in attempt to get rid of the headache imbued by this cult. I didn't drink or anything last night so its not a result of any such activities in that regard. As I've said I don't use, buy or sell narcotics and I spent most of my evening either writing these posts to vent the abuse I was subjected to or sleeping. I actually did more of the former rather than the latter.

So during my bath, I was once again attacked by the blue team and it led me to these insights. First of all the cult in Canada is aware that Canada has anti-hate laws and statutes against anti-hate speech. So the cult members carefully craft their harassment against their victims in such a way that it is not in violation of these statutes or very difficult to acquire evidence and prove a case against them. The cult members want to gain a hateful reaction from their victim so that what a victim like myself posts online could be considered to be hate speech, which would require me to seek the identity of an American, where they have truly free speech, which of course I'd later have to pay for in some way for their identity and them carrying the burden of my response. So much of the blue team's effort is geared towards that kind of an effort against myself despite the fact that I am not a hater. But in doing so if I come up with a point that the blue team disagrees with, in order to prevent it from becoming a part of the day's accumulation of knowledge and acumen, they'll attack me and harass me as much as they possibly can hoping that I'll respond in such a way that can be interpreted as hate so that I have to be given the identity of an American in order for it not to be a violation of country law. Their abuse is never considered as much but my reaction to their abuse can be. So its corrupted in this sense. I completely have nothing against Americans at all, but I am Canadian.

The cult in this sense if I end up with an American identity consider that I must then be in balance between red and blue. So subjecting me to hate and abuse from the blue team so that the amount of burden that I carry for the red team and blue team are equal and so that I show no apparent bias to either side of the fence in that regard despite the fact that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. Somehow the members of this cult believe that even when my love life is considered that I must be in perfect balance with others and show no bias for my beloved over other people.

It would work the  exact same way if I was a member of Prince Hall, which I am not a member of Prince Hall and am not looking to be a member after my experiences this far. At one point I wanted to be a Freemason, but after years of abuse by some pretty nasty people I withdrew my bid for membership many years ago. Slowly I've been dissociating myself from religion as well as much of what I seem to experience results from some extreme beliefs in that regard from the members of this cult. Hence why I am more at home with Buddhism and Taoism. I think that many people see the Taoist symbol of Yin Yang and believe that one must be in perfect balance all the time by the measure of social accountants who keep track of the bureaucratic process of measuring a person's balance within this belief system. I can honestly say that people who look upon this belief in this manner have absolutely no understanding of it whatsoever and I do not mean that in any elitist sense of the word. That is all that I can say in that degree.

So if I were a member of Prince Hall as this cult have often given me the identity of people who are, I would once again be subject to abuse according to their sense of balance so that I had equal amounts of red and blue because the two mixed become violet or purple. Prince Hall would generally follow the concept that love and hate are the same thing, and that they only differ in their extremity, which completely violates my belief.

Love symbolizes free will and hate symbolizes slavery. Nobody can be provoked into loving someone else, but it is possible that a person may be provoked into a reaction that is hateful towards someone else. There is no "knee jerk" reaction for love. There is one for hate however and this reaction could be said to be loss of free will however momentary it may be. So the two are not the same thing at all.

Now what concerns me about this cult and ideology (I don't mean Prince Hall or Freemasonry and please don't stalk me for being a cowan and speaking about this), is that this cult can use this extreme form of love and hate, and colour symbolism to affect voting habits of people by conditioning them according to the symbolism of colours. All that it requires is a significantly large enough group of people to conduct the abuse of others to enforce this colour symbolism upon other people.

Many political parties use colours to symbolize their parties. What happens if enough people become so deterred with relation to specific colours as a result of the abuse and hatred they're subjected to when wearing certain colours or using products of certain coloured packaging? What would happen when such people go to the voting stations to vote for their country's leader? Would they then cower from voting based upon their opinion and research of a party's objectives and goals or would they vote merely to avoid the repercussions of the abuse they'd be subject to as a result of choosing something with that particular colour? If you understand what I'm trying to say, then you can likely see how very serious a problem this is. It is so serious in fact that I reported it to the Federal authorities of my country, Canada because I saw it as a serious threat to our due process. I reported it about three years ago and did so repeatedly trying to get the message across to the Federal authorities because of the nature of this emergency. Of course throughout the whole ordeal I was again attacked by the members of this cult locally and I'm sure that they stole my identity for doing that. This is a serious problem and I don't think enough people have considered it or have approached it to discuss it in open discussion with no cards hidden under the table. If people end up voting that way, what's the point of due process and the vote if they can be bullied using nothing more than colours and their symbolism to condition a person not to vote for a party based upon the fact that it has or is lacking certain colours. Doesn't this sound like ground that we've already fought for at some time in history? How is it slipping by again? That's the most important risk there is to us.

The next one has to do with our merchandise and market system because if colours can be used to influence how we vote, then they can certainly be used by this bullying cult to influence how we buy, inflating or deflating the value of any company with a few small moves which could result in the loss of jobs across the board for many people. That's serious as well. Now I am not a politician and I don't take part in any party's activities, but I am a concerned citizen of this world and I have kept and eye on things like this as they've grown into serious threats all from some pretty meager means of a below the poverty line living, though I'm grateful for that because its worlds better than when I was homeless for 8 years. I'm just surprised that nobody else tried to stop this and so many people tried to silence me or even erase me in revealing this activity! Then steal my identity from me and try to paint me as a narcotics addict or someone who receives their rewards for "dancing" on cue in the form of sexual rewards from low paid prostitutes who also are Women that are marginalized and likely suffering a great deal as a result of this kind of activity as well. I don't take part in that at all. As I've said, I'm monogamous and my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and despite having been single for 7 years and 8 months, I'd never do anything to risk that possibility even if it meant being alone for the rest of my life. As I've said, the people around me who've been trying to steal my identity have been putting the blame for their activities onto me in that regard and most people regard me as if I don't exist anyway. So there's nothing in it for me to protect society in any way because I don't seem to benefit from the same rights that everyone else is privy to, yet I've done more than most people to protect them. There's something definitely wrong here. I have records of my correspondence with the authorities by the way and my reports of that very issue to them. I guess its been pretty easy to write me off as just being crazy.

The funny thing is that I was so concerned that I might lose my place and apartment subsidy which would put me back into homelessness that I had to apply for ODSP, and was turned down and that's after appealing twice. Yet as result of this cult's activities, I probably cannot and will not be able to work (stalking is a constant risk in that regard) and hence unless I can earn a living soon, I'll lose my social support and end up on the streets again and likely be erased while the credit for what I said and did will be given to someone else completely different. There is something definitely wrong here if that's the case.

I am Brian Joseph Johns, and I am not remembering someone else's life and accomplishments. These are my own efforts and I'm not a member of any blood centric ideology and not a member of any criminal gang either. I'd likely be in danger or dead if I was for speaking to the authorities, which would be another reason this cult locally in Toronto in Regent Park would be trying to keep my exact identity and location hidden from the Federal authorities and to give them the impression that I am someone else.

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I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is
Lastly, I am not a member of the Salvation Army either.

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