Saturday, February 10, 2018

Speaking Up For An Issue...

So here I am on Saturday having just got out of bed at 2:30 PM after having a long sleepless night (mostly due to illness and nothing else).

I watched a bit of a video clip with regard to the Rose McGowan situation on youtube the other day and every since, it had been weighing on my mind quite heavily. Perhaps guilt out of not speaking out sooner but when you react initially based upon extreme emotion or offense, we as people tend to polarize without realizing it instead of fostering meaningful thought and discussion on tricky topics like sexual assault and perhaps some people that might use their position of power to reward those who take part in their sexual escapades with career opportunities. Its a natural thing I think to want to share the merits of one's accomplishments in life with those they care about, and those to whom they may be attracted even despite the fact that if you consider this, most people will usually come to the conclusion that its wrong on many levels. It's a way of saying to people that their sexuality is a form of currency that will get them opportunities in life for which they'd otherwise not qualify. So all of those performers who've studied hard and honed their craft to perfection with obsessive detail will suddenly find themselves in a position where the very persons that have the power to make or break their career aren't considering their talents as performers but more so their willingness to pay for the opportunity in sexual currency. I am not saying that I know whether these practices are rampant, but if they exist those who've been preyed upon certainly should never be in fear to oppose and to speak out against this apparatus of hiring practices. In doing so, it might create a social culture in which people never end up in those situations in the first place or if presented with such a situation, they'd confidently be able to walk away from it which would circumvent the problem altogether.

I'm sorry to use Rose McGowan's situation to present myself as the Knight in shining armour coming to the rescue of a downtrodden lady (doing that can often be just as bad and might be deemed another way by some to gain the trust of Women that they'd like to bed or to further their reputation).

However I thought that I should speak out against what she is currently experiencing for what I see as being reasons well worth anyone's expression. So here is a copy of my comment posted to this youtube video which seemed to dissect her current state of life given her recent stance against such practices as I've explained here.

My comment on a Youtube Video featuring Rose McGowan.

Why not keep the speculation about her here and elsewhere to a constructive and harmless level. Consider the enormous amount of pressure she's under and that what she represents in this case is the very reason that more Women are fearful to take charge of their lives (especially sexually) when confronted by situations in which they'd rather not take part, or are being pressured into taking part for a career reward of some kind.

Now consider that she's doing all of this directly in the public eye and that how she fares in her endeavor sends an important message to everywhere about how society regards a Woman who makes a stand in which she very much has the right to do so. I'd say that the point of all of this is so that every Woman has the independence and self confidence to ensure they are courageous enough to stand against such treatment and to say *no* and/or *leave* when presented with a situation that makes them uncomfortable sexually. So lets not send the message to her and to younger Women who may end up in similar situations in their lives that if they take control of their body, mind and the issue of consent that they're going to be burned at the stake publicly. Its difficult enough to come forward about these issues, but in doing so she's sending a message to Women everywhere that they have the right to say what happens to them sexually when and where in every regard. Maybe as a result more young Women will not end up in similar situations in the first place.

The real issue at hand here is that society in the past didn't encourage Women enough to take charge of their lives, their minds and their bodies so that they were always confident and independent enough to handle sexually forward or awkward situations with which they were presented. More Men have to back up fact as well. Demonizing Women certainly won't help and though socially scalding the perpetrators may send a clear message to the rest of society, the fact is that if we're doing enough so that Women and Men form independence thought and confidence early enough, that these situations will occur less frequently or not at all.

In addition, trying to polarize Women's rights against the issue of Children's rights helps neither for victims in either issue are a tragedy. I'd recommend that society ceases with this bifurcation of issues in such a manner and regards them both as travesties. I believe that Rose McGowan is under great pressure and she like many others need the freedom, support and ears of others to let them speak and be heard at the very least without interruption or ridicule (a trying feat to overcome for certain but well worth the effort).

As a Man in society myself, I too am prone to a sexual imagination about Women and certainly throughout my life have found my imagination exceptionally active at times. I certainly admire much about Women more so than just their bodies alone but I'm certainly a holistic kind of person when it comes to that aspect of attraction and have never overstepped my boundaries sexually and I believe that the vast majority of guys throughout society are the same way. I believe that Women certainly should always have the confidence in any sexual situation or situation concerning their life, career and health to say *no*, *yes* or *anything* and to proceed how they choose without fear of repercussion from others who may stand to gain or lose by their choice. These words are certainly good ones to live by. Lets hope we see them end up more and more in practice.

One last thought is that baring my identity here repeatedly isn't about advertising or doing this to make myself the "good guy" and someone else the "bad guy". I strongly believe that we should benefit from out efforts in society, though perhaps not through rewards given like "treats" but rather by the fact that it may attract the kind of people we'd like in our lives. Perhaps another reason why identity theft is so prevalent nowadays. Why take the risk or make the effort of speaking out with regard to any issue if you can just steal what someone said by impersonating their online or social presence? Something that is rampant in my part of the world here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada unfortunately though I don't think that its inherent to the city, but more so to a few people mean spirited people in my locality.

Brian Joseph Johns

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