Friday, February 9, 2018

Once Again - Fixing Misunderstandings...

Back again after a mostly peaceful day. A snow storm outside still going pretty strong and the streets of Regent Park in Toronto are covered in about a foot of snow.

I managed to get a fair bit done today both on Shhhh! For Android and with writing, though I've only worked on Bella's Tarot Reading so far.

After about 6 hours of work today and at around 7 PM EST I continued a game of Civilization 6 that I'd been playing for the last few days. This is an explanation about how the cult that keeps an eye on me misinterprets anything that goes on with my computer.

So in Civilization 6, most people know that it is a strategy game where you start from before the stone age and build up a small tribe of people into a civilization, researching technologies, founding cities and expanding as much as you can before the end of the game. Meanwhile other civilizations (computer and human player civs) are doing the same thing. You can win in a few ways by either having the most scientific accomplishments including space faring, or having the strongest army and taking the capitols of your opponents, or by creating a religion and converting the most other civilizations to that religion, or by having the most culture and tourism, or simply by your score being the greatest at the end of 500 turns.

So I was playing as Queen Victoria of England, and had managed to develop a good start though I was attacked by barbarians early in the game. Probably worse than the other civs at that point in the game, so I couldn`t found a religion as early as the other civilizations did because I was literally trapped in one city, trying to fight my way out against the barbarians while the other civs were free to research and expand. Just being put on the defensive that early in the game meant that I'd fall behind and that gap would get much larger the more the game progressed. As a result, I could not found a religion at all and instead worked on a Science and Culture victory, while trying to keep my Military as strong as I could in case of invasion by another militaristic civilization.

My neighbouring civilizations in the mean time had developed their own religions, while I had founded a Pantheon based upon a City Goddess, but had not managed to found a complete religion. So from the early point of the game, the neighbouring civilizations started converting my citizens to their religions, one of which was Islam. So as the game progressed, more and more of my cities had converted to Islam while a few others had converted to some of the remaining religions.

So from what I can assert, the people spying on my computer (likely the bad ones) had taken advantage of what they'd seen on my screen as being an indication that many of the cities were Islamic, and that the person playing the game must have been Islamic as well (which I am not). I'm actually a Buddhist and a Taoist and I believe very much in freedom of religion and atheism and anything to do with belief as it is subjective and one of our most basic rights.

So because of what the membership of this cult may have seen on my screen, they may have assumed that I'd picked the religion for those cities when I had not. Your population in Civilization is going to follow your lead but they're influenced by the forces around them as well. So I assume that most people who see what transpires in a strategy game like Civilization don't understand this aspect of the game. It's very worldly in that respect but what you end up with in terms of your civilization is very much influenced by the civilizations around yours. So if I'd have had a chance to choose my civ's religion it would have been another religion, but that's what happened in the game and so you deal with it and make the best of it. In all truth, the religion's names in Civ don't represent their core philosophies and how they're practiced. The religion's names are just labels and the core philosophies can be defined by the players. So really the religions could be named anything and it wouldn't really represent their real world counterparts.

I believe that the members of this cult upon seeing what was on my screen, misinterpreted who was playing the game and what was going on. So they likely assumed that it was someone Islam playing the game and not myself. My immediate neighbours in the next apartment took advantage of the situation to harass me quite a bit as well too, trying to dump burden related to crack cocaine (I guess they know someone of that religion that is involved in crack cocaine) and they assumed that I would have to carry the burden of people based upon membership to that religion as well. Then they started calling me "Shot" which is this cult's way of inferring that I'm Osama Bin Laden (which I am not very obviously). That should explain a little bit about how the membership to this cult thinks.

Kind of two opposing factions that compete to see which one is biased more by the end of the day. So for them its their own game and part of it is about spying on their victims and making that kind of assumption about them based upon what they see going on with their computer or computer screen. It doesn`t help that they`re a very blood centric cult as well, jumping back and forth between love/hate and blood/fire to suit their needs.

So as a result of what they saw on my screen in that regard, they'd have a hard time believing that I'm actually Caucasian and that my real world love interest is actually Mandarin Chinese which I've explained numerous times.

As I've explained before, the cult members believe that our consciousness is not permanently connected with our individual body, and that our consciousness or at least bits and pieces of it can travel to and from other people's bodies. For people like myself, they don't believe that there is a "me" at all. They believe that my personality and consciousness is made up of bits and pieces of the minds and souls of the people who live around me. So their game is about measuring which of those people has the most influence based upon my decision making process or even worse, what they can fool me into believing that they're doing, so that I believe that is happening and they can claim that I am manifesting it rather than them choosing to do it. Its very complicated and honestly I'd need some kind of witness (I'm not a Jehovah's Witness by the way) to see and hear what I mean, but they'd need to go undetected by my neighbours so my neighbours would't have their guard up and keep their activity secret in that regard.

So anyway, that's about the best I could explain. Good thing I was able to get so much done today and I should be able to get much done over the weekend.

Brian Joseph Johns

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