Thursday, February 8, 2018

Not Too Bad Today - Fixing Some Misimpressions...

First off and with all due respect, I want to say that I am not Italian or Irish. I'm also not from Nova Scotia and I don't play guitar. I'm a piano and keyboard player. I'm a Buddhist and Taoist by the way as well and my name is not Eugene. I'm Caucasian as well though that's easy to see from this picture on the left. I'm not certain why but the cult harassing me seems to try to push the identity of someone onto me that is African, Caribbean, South American or Jamaican. That's flattering but I am quite happy with my own identity and being. I'm also as I've said a blood donor with Canadian blood services. With that clarified I'll proceed.

It has been a pretty good day so far without too much harassment or abuse. I managed to get to the local food bank at the Allen Gardens St. Luke's Church which was good and certainly for which I'm grateful. Received a bit of harassment and an obvious attempt to push me to a hateful reaction by someone's use of biomagnetism. I managed to keep it together mostly thankfully.

As I've mentioned I've been working on an Android application for the last little bit having never written an Android application in my life. I have been a Dos and Windows application developer for years and so I've been trying to transfer some of that knowledge to Android development at a rather slow pace.

Of course some of the most recent harassment seems to be geared towards labeling me as a fraud (I've been attacked in that manner a few times before). Before becoming homeless, I worked for an animation studio in the West End of Toronto. I was actually contracted by the company to write a solution for their animation department which would allow them to animate in Lightwave and Render in Maya. The problem was a common one at that time (2001) when using more than one scene management, animation and rendering system. So I was hired to develop a solution which after being given the problem I solved in a period of 24 hours writing a script for Maya that converted between Konachek-Bartels TCB splines and Maya's split tangent splines and coming up with that solution is what landed me a full time gig at the time. I was hired by my then friend John Marshall, the Producer. It was a few years before I got that gig that the stalking and harassing had really picked up though at that time I believe that I just thought that some people were getting more and more rude. The production was a very bumpy ride as was life at that time as well. By the end of that ordeal and despite delivering numerous production and liability saving solutions (including a complete Script and Storyboard solution that databased the entire production's Storyboard and Script resources making them searchable and allowing them all to be exported as PDF files or as the whole Storyboard/Script in a booklet that of course could be printed. At that time (2001) there was no remotely similar solution anywhere. Eventually due to funding problems the studio shut down and I lost my job though I'd started doing Point Of Sale systems on the side despite the fact that this stalking cult seemed to be getting more and more invasive in my life. I did receive a bit of help from the OPP and the Federal Police as well, though eventually I ended up homeless as a result.

I believe that during that time, the cult of which I've been speaking stole my identity and applied it to someone else and that this cult has been keeping that identity switch in place ever since. As I've said I worked for most of the time that I'd been homeless (I was homeless for 8 years but I worked close to 40 hours a week for five of those years). For the remaining 3 years I began to write books and to develop applications after buying a laptop. So while I was still in the shelter system (between a shelter called School House and Heyworth House) I began writing, coding and sometimes even composing music (yes, I have a pretty good music theory background though I'm a horrible sight reader but I can score though not like John Williams or Sir Andrew Davis, mind you both of which I've seen live Conducting). I wrote and played Just An Illusion on a M-Audio KeyRig 49 key keyboard, with a great VST instrument for the guitar sound. It sounds so real that nobody believes that I played it because I'm not a guitar player and it sounds so much like a real guitar. I can only say that its a keyboard and that I could play the exact same notation on a real piano if anyone ever wanted me to. I also started writing A Lady's Prerogative and Stories From The End just after that time in around 2010 along with another story called Moving On. I also began the concept for Shhhh! For Windows at that time as well and wrote another 3D engine and Scene Graph built upon OpenGL. For a while there was another programmer who'd become homeless as well at the same time who'd paid me in cash to teach him about OpenGL coding for a gig he was doing for the Roger's Center and their television and hotel kiosk system at that time. At that time in 2011 I had no idea that the cult I'd be having so much trouble with is actually a cult that steals your reputation and identity from you, while pretending that you don't exist and actually slowly erasing you more and more over time.

By the time I received my housing after 8 years in the shelter system, I'd become suspicious about something of that nature going on. It wasn't until after I moved into my housing here that my suspicions would be confirmed. So after many years of some people taking the credit for anything that I'd accomplish and then leaving me with their identity after taking mine, I finally managed to piece it together enough to explain it to others. I focused first on trying to get on my feet and published my stories online on a blog called The blog grew in popularity and eventually A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon (which I published on my blog for the first time in late May early June of 2012 based off of a short story I'd written when I was 13 years old) outgrew and ended up each with their own blogs. I published both books on Amazon as well but eventually pulled them due piracy and plagiarism though I believe that Amazon is great and definitely stand by them. At the same time I released Shhhh! For Windows as an online account manager and password generator and without much success. I'd been attacked by many people treating me as a fraud as well which didn't help. I wrote Timelessness, another guitar sounding piece which this recording I actually played on a keyboard.

After that I started developing and recording the theme song for The Butterfly Dragon, trying to bring the Chinese influence into the music combining it with this short animation I'd made of Heylyn Yates who as a little girl is known as Ai Yuanlin Ying and who eventually becomes the Butterfly Dragon herself through the guidance of Weltherwithsp and her three martial arts mentors.

So after taking a beating time and time again from the membership of this cult and with them trying to steal the credit for anything that I'd do, while stealing my identity in the Greater Toronto Area, I kept going. Eventually I wanted try moving Shhhh! For Windows to the Android platform especially based upon all of the attention that's been paid to digital security recently and so in the last month or so I've been focusing on a solution that expands upon Shhhh! For Windows in a way that addresses these problems.

One or more of the recent problems I've had as a result of this cult's activities is the fact that they may be trying to steal my actual output as in steal it directly from the hard disk in my computer. One day about a month ago, I had what appeared to be physical tampering with my drive. At the same time, one of the security cameras for my apartment had mysteriously stopped working leaving my apartment prone if anyone had entered it illegally. I've never given out a key to my apartment and I don't even know anyone around here (except for a neighbour named Yolanda who is a member of the Gay community that I trust). So it appeared that someone had come into my apartment with a key, and removed and replugged in my data hard disk without turning off my computer and that at the same time, my security camera had died. This of course occurred when I was out doing my monthly grocery shopping.

There was no tampering with the lock so it was not illegal entry and therefore I could not report it to the Police because there was no provable crime. Fortunately for myself, I had encrypted my entire data directory but its still possible that with enough time and effort they might be able to get at it and therefore have all (or most) of my source code, my original writing drafts, my content and source files, graphics animation for all of my books as well. If someone had come in and removed my hard drive likely they would do so in order to copy its contents onto a laptop they'd brought with them so they could later steal what I'd accomplished to impersonate me or just steal my efforts from me.

In that way, my "guardian angels" would think that I was that person if they could only identify me remotely by what I have on my computer. If the members of this cult have all the files of mine that nobody else has, then they could easily impersonate me or even steal my works and claim to have created them first. I believe that this cult actually plans this sort of thing in advance. Its no coincidence that I ended up homeless and in the shelter system for 8 years and the most vulnerable to this kind of thing. So after that a person like myself would spend countless hours trying to prove their accomplishments and their identity to others, making me likely seem egoistical or self centered when in fact that's the last thing that I am. Not to mention that this cult are not happy about my love interest being of the Chinese culture and whenever I've been in a relationship with someone they disagree that I've been with, they literally try to erase that person from my life. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I'm not a fraud and I don't pretend to be someone that I'm not or do things that I can't in real life. That's a real talent to be able to do so and that's what I admire so much about performers and story telling.

So anyway, a bit more information and indication of who I am. Thanks to the live online radio show and music last night (Wednesday at 11PM EST and you know who you are).

Brian Joseph Johns

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