Saturday, February 3, 2018

Much More Aggressive Activity By Local Cult Members

Brian Joseph Johns. Writer of this blog.
Once again for the whole day, the cult members (in the form of my neighbours in the neighbouring apartments to mine) continued their harassment. Going from early this morning until now (Saturday Feb 3, 4:15AM 2018) and continuing pretty much the same. So as they've once again continued their campaign of hate, I'll reveal more of their secrets and how they operate as an ideology.

Most of their abuse is based upon the interpretation and symbolism of colours, and using colours to "transfer" the identity and reputation of one person into another person's life. The cult members themselves go by whatever colours their victim(s) are interacting with during the time that they conduct such efforts.

So in the case of someone who is using a computer, these colours are drawn from the colours of the interface on the victim's screen. In most cases the cult members setup a dualistic approach to their abuse, often termed love/hate and certainly connected with a pop culture form of Gnosticism. By the use of extreme emotions (hate most often) the cult members attempt to link themselves to their victim. By the use of the term linking I mean the cult members are trying to establish a biomagnetic connection with their victim's nervous system, that allows them to share in existential experience with the victim. That is, they share in the sensual stimuli and information that results from sensory experience.

The dualism is formed upon extreme emotions as I said, most often love and hate. This aspect is connected with a teaching from a popular book amongst Hermetic philosphers called the Kybalion, which since the 1960s has found its way into popular (underground) culture and is often misused by the groups of people who read it and interpret its knowledge for abuse, manipulation and even sometimes control of other people.

The dualism is founded symbolically around colours as well and typically choose two colours which form some sort of relationship in regard to diametrical opposition to each other (being the opposites of one another).

So today I ascertained that likely their abuse was related to a particular symbol of dualism that is common today which uses the colours red/blue and purple as their diametrical balancing points. That is, red and blue are one side, and purple (which is just red and blue mixed) is the other side. One represents law and order (red and blue are most often the symbols of Policing) while purple symbolizes rule without law or absolutes. Purple actually represents the concept that two diametrically opposed ideas or concepts are in fact different degrees of the same thing where as red and blue symbolizes that there are absolutes to two different ideas or concepts, like good and bad, up and down, left and right, order and chaos, love and hate.

So one side in this paradigm represents lawfulness while the other represents lawlessness. So the cult members are most often (but not always) on the side of hate, whichever side that might be at any particular time as the results of the day with regard to any groups represented by the symbols of those colours. So the abuse is directed against a victim for two purposes. One is because it is an important part of dualistic Gnosticism and the connecting of two people to become one by the experiencing of extreme emotions. This actually forms the foundation for the concept of Marriage in many cultures and the origins of Marriage stem from this concept of linking two people so they share the same existential experiences between one another.

Where it goes wrong, is that fact that this cult uses this approach not as part of a ceremony related to marriage or the union of two people, but in attempt to connect a larger group of people to particular victims that it consumes to become a part of this "blob" of people against the consent of the victim. Once a victim has been connected in this way, it is very difficult to break ties with this group. In other words this group share in the existential experiences of their victim and the cult members use this to benefit themselves by sharing in any efforts or work the victim does, while attempting to burden the victim with their negative or burdensome activities. If during the abuse sessions the victim loses control by reacting with hate in the same way the cult members are abusing the victim, the victim then ends up sharing in their burdens and the cult members might even try to transfer the responsibility of their activities onto the victim. Along with their reputation all the while attempting to steal the identity and reputation of their victim.

So today, I was working with Visual Studio and trying to digest a fair bit of know how in order to write android applications. I'm already a seasoned Windows (and Dos) programmer from the old days so I had to spend some effort trying to get into mobile programming. The colours of the Visual Studio interface are dark grey and purple, so naturally the cult members once they got wind of this through the "grape vine" (a biomagnetic network made up of people connected to the victim that share in the victim's experiences and often quite invasively), began harassing me simply because of the fact that purple is the opposing colour to red and blue, which are the colours of the Police and law enforcement. So depending upon which side of the love/hate fence I fell to, whatever I was doing would end up shared with that side of the fence. So their attempt was an attempt to abuse me until I reacted in such a way that would put me on the "hate" side of the fence and in essence, put me on the lawless side and therefore be burdened by their activities or the lack thereof.

Trying to explain this would probably make me sound a bit "off" or even conspiracy-ish, but the truth is that this is real and the explanation I've given is probably closer to the truth than any such explanation has ever come in history.

Now in terms of the symbolism of colours, me sounding like I am against "purple" could be a little bit dangerous because purple to some people also means mixing culture in a relationship, which to my appreciation is not a bad thing at all. But if I sound like I'm speaking against purple, then this cult has the backdoor of implying that purple rather than meaning love and hate, actually means blood. So instead of fighting over love/hate and trying to trick me (and other victims) onto the hate side, when their attempt fails, they turn it around and try to trick me (and other victims) onto the hate side by implying that purple refers to blood rather than love/hate. So if you're against purple blood (meaning that you don't believe in mixing cultures in relationships where the cultures are symbolized by either red blood or blue blood) then you could be regarded as being on the "hate" side of the fence and once again we're back to square one. Or worse, the cult regard mixing cultures as a hateful thing, and in violation of some dogmatic idea, and your love interest happens to be of a different culture than your own as she is in my case. I hope that I didn't make this more confusing but its actually not that complicated.

Colours can either represent the paradigm of love and hate, or they can represent the paradigm of blood. So if you manage to get past one of them and end up on the "good" side of the fence (say in love hate you end up on the love side), the cult then switch to the blood side of the fence and try and get you there. Some believe that it is hateful to be in a mixed culture relationship while some believe that it is hateful not to be. This is also particular to some religions as well so it gets very tricky in that regard. Some dogmatic ideas regard it as a great sin to mix red and blue blood in a relationship and such people who do might be subject to great levels of hate as a result by members of such dogmatic ideologies. I guess because my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, while I am Caucasian for whatever reason this cult are very much against such a relationship or are against me specifically being in such a relationship. The truth is that religion does not rule and is not the authority especially with regard to such personal. A person's beliefs are subjective and in Canada or the United States, cannot be legislated by the state. Everyone is free to choose what they believe and to be treated with the same respect and dignity by others regardless of their differences in beliefs or absence thereof.

So for the years that I've been abused by this cult I've used that time to figure them out so that at some point in time I could break them down by explaining how they operate to save others the same grief.

I've explained in prior posts as well how the cult members often use the symbolism of the colour blue to mean that they are operating in the opposite polarity to how we as human beings have historically defined things around us. So in such a case, hate would mean love and love would mean hate. So you could easily be tricked onto that side of the fence if the cult can somehow finagle you onto the blue team, and you've been even tempered and loving for the most part (which I have). So in that case, the hateful people would be remembered as being the "good" side of the fence, while the loving side would be remembered as being the "bad".

Its funny, but when this cult acts up, its almost like a weather system. Like a biomagnetic storm that actually travels through humanity geographically. I'm not sure what it's like in other places as I live in a low income building where such people seem to be quite active frequently in that regard though income level likely has nothing to do with it. Income probably only isolates a person from it by the distance between neighbours who take part in it. In a house in the suburbs it is probably a lot less prevalent and there are likely many people whom are not aware of it (thankfully as that means there are less victims of it).

Anyway, that's a pretty good explanation of this activity. I hope that helps others to understand it a bit more. I'd say that for most people the biggest risk it poses is emotional instability, aggression towards others and probably more often towards oneself (ie suicide risk). I'm very much beyond either of those possibilities but I'm aware of those effects as a result of this cult's activity.

If you do feel extremely depressed during or after such an attack, just keep in mind that you're feeling that way because of the fact that your body will produce hormones that are making you feel that way. So its valid that you do feel that way, and you're not imagining it, but remember that you'll feel better at some point after the cult members tire out and your body has had a chance to produce hormones that balance your mood a bit better. So when you're in the worst of it, just grab onto the fact that you'll feel better and don't forget that. Prove yourself better than them by being a life saver and saving your own life. When you do you'll get the chance to give someone else the same advice I'm giving you and you don't owe anything to me by me giving you this advice. You owe it to yourself. Certainly don't be provoked into hurting anyone else.

I hope that helps,

Brian Joseph Johns

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