Saturday, February 3, 2018

Much More Abusive Activity Again Tonight

There was much more abuse again tonight and of course coupled with the symbolism of colours and what I call abusive biomagnetism. Biomagnetism relates to the human body's own magnetic field which results from the electro-chemical communications that occur within the nervous system.

The cult that I've spoken of attempt to ramp this effect up in their own bodies (collectively) and attempt to affect the hormone production of the bodies of their victims in attempt to trick them into harsh reaction against the cult members. That's because the cult members regard love and hate to be the same thing.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns by the way. I am a writer that lives in low income housing in the Regent Park area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 currently (Saturday February 3, 2018 10:02PM). I'm also a software developer, part time composer and graphic artist as well though mostly a hobbyist as if I could hire a graphics arts team, my work would benefit immensely from their individual talents and unique interpretation of my writing. So because I am financially limited, I try to do as much of that stuff as I can all the while getting abused by the membership of this cult. Many of whom believe their abuse is what results in giving the victim the "blood" needed to accomplish anything. In fact, the cult have this all figured out so much that they try to charge you a price for their abuse, because they believe it has some value to you as many of them believe their blood is superior. I personally don't believe that anyone's blood is superior.

I'm certainly not God (or the Devil), or a God (or Devil) and besides that I don't believe in God or the Devil. Those concepts are basically similar to parents being Santa Claus for their children as they grow up. So God and the Devil are basically just a collective of people who attempt to affect your life accordingly using your own beliefs as their guidelines. They aren't omnipotent, omniscient or omnipresent despite what a person's impression might lead them to believe. Consider it like a clever trick that results from biomagnetism and most religions are just the dogma on how to apply the use of biomagnetism and the use of a social collective to give people the impression that there is a god or devil overseeing their lives, thoughts and actions in such a way that they form a social conscience that governs their actions and gives them a moral compass if they so should lack one to begin with.

The use of biomagnetism in this way also as I've explained in a prior post gives them the means to form a collective that shares the same space in terms of their sensory perception and mind's eye, giving people the illusion that consciousness is collective, when in fact, there is no collective consciousness, only collective communication. There is an important difference but the cult members don't want that knowledge prevalent. That's because if they deem that consciousness is collective, then that means they can steal the ideas and creations of someone else without recognizing them for those efforts in the first place, and even give credit to someone else entirely different which in fact is their biggest effort currently. First they take away the right of the victim to choose how what they accomplish is shared or any means to benefit from what they accomplish sometimes even to the point of losing one's ability to support themselves and keep a roof over their head and food in their stomach. Believe me I know. I spent 8 years homeless out of which I slept on the streets for 6 months. Two weeks of that 6 months were record setting cold weather and I literally slept on a park bench with nothing more than a coat, pants and my undergarments. You have to be careful, because this cult will even attempt to steal every aspect of your own history if it benefits them and then cover it up as they do it. If you spite them for it, you're actually benefiting them because as I've said, they regard love and hate as being the same thing. Likewise, hating them is the means to share your blood with them so much of their abuse is geared towards getting abuse from you by abusing you until you react hatefully against them. Its a win/win situation for them. They believe that their blood made it so that you could accomplish whatever it was that you accomplished and if you react hatefully against them for their abuse of you, they get a piece of your blood too according to their beliefs which means they're connected to you in much the same way that I explained how the Gnostic concept of marriage works. I am not a Gnostic by the way.

So the cult uses this ideology to take everything from their victims so far as I can see and have experienced thus far. They also use a system of bifurcation to steal a person's past history from them and even swap histories with that of someone else. Bifurcation means to take something and to continuously divide it in half, until you end up with a part that is indivisible. Bifurcation can also mean the means by which one would navigate a series of dualistic choices which would resemble a "tree" (a binary tree actually) that lead to a distinct solitary result that can no longer be divided.

So the cult's use of bifurcation to steal another person's identity works in this way. Consider that every node of this tree, is a pairing between two different people who compete for a positive aspect of one of their histories and in order to avoid a negative aspect of one of their histories. So if you "win" by being more consistent with the positive aspect, then you get the credit for it regardless of whom originated it out of the two of you. Likewise if you lose this competition by seeming more consistent with the negative aspect, then you inherit that part of the person's history regardless of from whom it originated.

So this cult uses the abuse as a means to attempt to force a victim down one of those paths and it is a part of this sort of competition in order to steal someone else's reputation and history and accomplishments while dumping someone else's negative aspects onto the loser of this competition. So the abuse and stalking is meant as an aspect of this cult's activities in order to rewrite history by stealing someone else's past (or at least the more beneficial parts) and ridding themselves of their more negative aspects of history and past. Biomagnetism plays into this very prominently as well though that does not mean that biomagnetism is a bad thing. It just means that some ideologies such as the one practiced by this cult abuse it and have formed this methodology to literally steal everything from a victim while erasing them and their repute from history as if they never existed in the first place. Maybe for me revealing these secrets that might be the punishment enacted against such a person as it would be consistent with the Egyptian beliefs with regard to the afterlife and the weighing of a dead person's soul on a scale used to determine the weight of their soul. If their soul is heavier than the weight of this feather, they are condemned to be devoured in the equivalent of hell. Hell to the Egyptians means the complete eradication of their existence from time, though it seems to be conjectured as to what that actually means. This methodology would certainly make it possible to (at least socially) eradicate someone from history making them first into a "nonperson" then devouring their history from them and any proof of their having existed in the first place. Meanwhile every bit of their history and their impact upon society (both good and bad and everything in between) has been devoured by members of this cult. So that could be a punishments given to the people who reveal these kinds of secrets though I'd certainly say that that would certainly define the moral compass of those who'd keep them in the first place. I'd say that it's not a safe thing to trust the kind of people who'd keep secret the disappearance and subsequent erasure of a human being, unless of course we're speaking of witness or victim protection.

Worse yet is the fact that many of the members of this cult are likely watching me do this writing at this very moment and will probably attempt to steal it from me as well or lay claim to it as if it originated from them. The risk for myself is that I'd be laden with someone else's history even though I made this effort to expose this activity in the first place and gave up a good portion of my life doing so while having every effort to climb out of poverty being crushed by this cult.

I certainly have a long history with this bifurcation game the cult plays, and I hadn't noticed it until I was able to decipher what in fact was going on. That certainly gives a lot of motive as to why members of this cult would conduct the abuse so frequently and why members of this cult would forcibly try to keep me on either the blue team or the purple team, both of which colours seem to symbolize this effort meaning that if I use anything on a computer or wear those colours, that I will be attacked and subjected to the abuse of this cult just as a result of the way they define these colours. Again, the members of this cult believe themselves to be remote controlling me as well by the use of biomagnetism in this regard, which is one of the factors in them using the abuse as well. I believe they use biomagnetism in attempt to connect everyone into a collective "bubble" at night which becomes a sort of virtual reality for them. That probably sounds pretty nuts, but it is also more likely very close to the truth and very much ahead of its time as I believe these are the means this cult using to create the equivalent of a WiFi connection between people using nothing more than the electromagnetic field of the human nervous system to do so.

Of course when this cult know someone like myself is on the cusp of understanding this, they likely try to keep it as secret as possible while initiating the person into this sort of thing, which as I've said, I'll never join and I'll never keep quiet about it and I'll do everything to expose it because I disagree with it entirely.

If you consider that this sort of conditioning using colours could be used to affect how a person votes, what products they choose and that kind of thing, then you'd see that it is the greatest threat to our freedom that exists. I mean if every time I wear the colour red, I am attacked and treated like the devil, and this sort of thing happens enough, I'm likely not going to use products that have the colour red in them, and possibly I might not even vote for a party that is symbolized by the colour red for fear of experiencing torment. Now multiply that by a few million people and you'll see that you've got a problem. Worse, if I was some kind of icon to people, and they looked up to my decisions in life and my opinions, what if a group of people commandeered my own choices using colours to manipulate me in the same way so they could attempt to manipulate those other people en masse?

So in this way the cult have left freedom to a multiple choice question. Here's the catch. I sound like I've just broken down love and hate and that's one paradigm. So what's the alternative? Well the cult has that figured out as well. Blood. So the cult likely are more so on the side of blood than anything, and were trying to abuse me to the point that I'd break it down for them, so that blood would "win" meaning that things are divided up according to blood. I've revealed some pretty heavy duty secrets that have far reaching consequences of which I believe everyone should be aware. If I end up on the "blood" team because this cult has abused me to the point of breaking down the concept of love and hate as used as a weapon by this cult, then according to this cult's own ideology the only thing left is "blood". Well that's not entirely true. It's actually blood and fire. From what I gather, the significance of blood and fire to this cult is that blood is all that is left for you to carry the weight of burden resulting from the day's events. If you want to end up with the credit for your good (or at least share in it) you've only got the option of blood. If you don't, then you can bail out on the whole thing by ending up in the "fire", meaning that your part of the contribution to the day is eradicated. Both good and bad and everything in between.

So why would I be against this so much? Well, because my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. I'm not Mandarin Chinese myself though. So if everything is going to be divided up according to blood, then where does that put me and my love interest? After all, if you were doing your best to do something good in the world in some way shape or form, would you not want that to be shared with your love interest? Now once again, enter the cult. They don't want your good to go to someone who is on the other side of the fence in terms of culture or blood because that means they gain no access to it themselves and if it is a considerable benefit to them, this cult will go to considerable lengths to keep it in their grasp even if it means stealing your identity, your history and anything else they have to do in order to do so.

Now, if I explain all of this, what would they do? Well if you think about it, the only choice they have left is to convince other people that the person who typed all of this out is someone different from the person who actually physically and really typed it out. Because there's nobody (physically) in my apartment watching me do this the only proof that I have that this is mine, is the fact that I can log into my account and edit it at any time. With biomagnetism, or network monitoring, the cult would literally know when I am typing something out and then claim to be the author themselves.

That might not sound so bad, but really it is as I'm also the author of and have been an author for some time who has watched many of his ideas and concepts disappear or mysteriously end up elsewhere non-grata. Not to mention then this whole thing provides the incentive for someone to "hack" my account if that's the means they need to claim my identity. So if the sense of worth that I've invested so much time into is here, present and online, then my sense of social value depends upon me being able to prove that I'm responsible for this. That means that if others can spy on my computer illegally, by whatever means, either by seeing through another person's eyes or by network monitoring, then they can literally steal my social value and any investment I've put into it. Now most of the people who would do so, are against mixed culture relationships so much so that they literally would steal a person's identity and history to do so and to keep their output from ending up with another culture they're against mixing with. Believe me there are some people who feel that way and there are some people who believe that there are only certain cultural mixes that are allowed and that if your colours don't correctly symbolize the rules of these cults, then you aren't allowed to mix culture and in order to be able to do so, you literally have to buy someone else's identity by paying for it with your own identity.

So to keep me from being with someone Mandarin Chinese, this cult would literally force me to pay for someone else's identity or give other people the impression that the person who typed this is someone completely different from the person who actually physically typed this. Often this cult does so in order to keep me on one side of this cultural fence away from another cultural side of the fence and in a very racist sense. This cult forces me to pay for or swap the identity of someone named Ronald Silk, who is a friend from my adolescence and former room mate because he had an African girlfriend at that time. I have no problem with that at all and I believe that any relationship should be determined by the people within it. So rather than this cult allowing anything that I've done to be shared with Mandarin Chinese people, they're trying to rip my own history from me so that whatever I have accomplished ends up with African or Jamaican people. Worse yet, is if I speak out against this, it will make me sound racist which is where the cult member's abuse comes in handy. Remember I said that they regard love and hate as being the same thing. Not everyone knows that and to the people who don't, if you do react in a seemingly hateful manner to those abusing you, it could be misconstrued as hate even though the fact that you are being abused and harassed is never factored into the equation. Only your reaction is a part of it. Now consider that the members of this cult might also be members of the same belief system and are in fact more concerned with everything ending up in that belief system. If they know that my love interest isn't a member of that belief system and not a member of an accepted culture to be mixing with, then they'd likely go to considerable lengths to steal my identity and history if what was to be gained from it was also considerable. I also would fight to the best of my ability to keep it and ensure that I have something to share with the Woman to whom I'm attracted. The motives for this cult ensuring that it does not get shared with her are because she is not a part of their team, either culturally or religiously. So their motives for this are founded in cultural differences and religious differences. In order to keep this covered up, this cult has a history of different people with whom they attempt to swap my identity. When they fail at one, they attempt another and so on. One of those people is Darren O'Brien aka the rapper Snow, who now lives in California. Also another person with whom I grew up though he was more a part of the group that bullied me. I was quite a nerd when I was little and this cult even tried to steal that history from me and paint me like a bully despite the fact that I was and have been a nerd my whole life. Darren O'Brien was actually not a bully himself, and I seem to remember him one time standing up to his own friends in my defense. But I am still not him and he is not me. I'm actually not even Irish (or Italian) with all due respect.

In fact, this cult has a whole list of people with whom they'd swap my identity in order to keep my identity in their grasp. The cult in fact believes that whatever you keep secret you get to share in even if it didn't originate with yourself. The cult in fact applies this idea to my girlfriend and love interest as well. So they believe that if they can break me down in terms of keeping my love interest a secret, that I lose her and it goes to whomever I do keep secret. The cult actually do this to just about every one of their victims. So many of their efforts go towards trying to set up situations that are so embarrassing or preposterous that their victim keeps them secret.

Probably this is where the rash of sexual harassment comes from, because if someone does this to a Woman and she keeps it secret, that becomes the most relevant part of her life to this cult. So sneaking something like that onto them in such a way as to make it completely impossible to reveal without great embarrassment and pain is also part of how this cult operate and a means by which they attempt to manipulate people. In other words keeping that a secret for them gives them some degree of control over you. The more embarrassing or painful for you the better because their goal is to seek your bias always in their favour, especially when it comes to keeping their secrets or even vice versa (with them learning about your most intimate secrets that others know nothing about). In that way it indicates some form of bias that they have from you over anyone else, maybe even your own wife/husband/family etc. That's why they try to get ahead of other people in your life in that way. Especially your intimate secrets in life.

The racist part about this cult though is if your love interest is not a member of their culture, they'll try and one up your love interest by tricking you or by sexually harassing you or by some other means that puts them ahead of your love interest in terms of bias. That's exactly what I'd say was happening to Women and the reason for the recent spate of sexual harassment cases. Many Women have realized this and are cleansing themselves of that burden to their being and I don't blame them. Personally I believe that two people should be able to have their intimate secrets by their own mutual choice and that its horrendous that other people would turn it into a game of trying to one up someone's most intimate partner, just so they could have bias in their favour over that person on the basis of religion, culture or blood or something of that nature that is so hard to prove.

The cult in question have gone through these lengths to get that kind of bias above my love interest specifically because she's not the right culture. I'm not African, Caribbean or South American by the way and I certainly have nothing against anyone on the basis of culture, but I can't understand why a group of people would turn someone's love life into a competition of that nature and in the process ruin their life and being as a result, even using this as an effort to steal everything that a person has accomplished? Probably because if you forgive them, that's another form of bias in their favour that they can keep reminding you of in attempt to get a rise out of you. No disrespect but I'm not a member of Christianity at all or Islam and again I mean no disrespect. Some people believe that if they can really wrong someone, and then be forgiven that person is nothing more than a garbage bag for them and the more they can goad such a person about it the more that person is biasing them. In fact for some people of that nature they believe it to be a means of control or domination.

Control and domination in terms of a role play thing between intimate consenting partners can be fun. When control and domination is conducted in real life by people using these means against the consent of their victims it is akin to rape. The stress really affects the victims of this when the cult try to get a rise out of the victim after being wronged in this way, with the victim knowing that if they react, that it will be considered bias by the victim towards the perpetrator regardless of whether it is love or hate. If the perpetrator shares blood with the victim in some way, of course they're going to try to break down love and hate if they can or at least try to trick the victim into doing so.

So now you understand a lot more about the nature of this cult and what they've been doing. Personally I don't believe they'll be dealt with by an angry god or the devil and that what they do in this way probably adds up in some way in terms of a Karmic experience though I doubt very much their motive for doing so is self sacrifice. It certainly does make a person more able to balance themselves rather than fall victim to polarity and the rhythm all of the time.

I hope that helps some more people. Just to clarify, my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and someone with whom I've been in a relationship. I've been single for 7 years and 8 months and during that time I've not once had a sexual encounter with anyone. I live in low income housing and am probably not a "prime catch" as the abuse and years have taken their toll, but I still have a lot of determination left in me. Just to make sure you know who I am, my twitter page is and my Facebook page is My website is I'm 50 years old and this is getting tiring. I don't ever take part in the collective consciousness virtual reality dream game this cult conducts just about every night so don't mistake me for someone who does. I don't mean the internet, I mean people who use love/hate and biomagnetism as a sort of virtual "fantasy chat room". I don't take part in that. I prefer real life intimacy by a long shot. Oh and I'm 6 feet tall, about 180 lbs, have green eyes, dark hair (short and slowly losing it too). I wear brown white glasses (Dolce & Gabanna that I found in my exact prescription in a second hand shop for $20). I don't always wear my glasses though. I have no tattoos and I'm circumcised. :-)

Brian Joseph Johns
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