Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Most Recent Attacks Utilize Government Phone Number

While working on Shhhh! For Android today I received another phone call from a number listed as originating from Canada Revenue Agency. It was an automated call and from the sounds of it, it was directed towards another person rather than myself.

The originating number was 1-800-374-3272 and it left an automated message on my phone stating that a Federal warrant had been issued for my arrest on the charges of tax fraud, however my name or any identifying features about myself had never been mentioned not to mention that the beginning of the automated message itself was cut off as if someone had tried to forward it to my line from their message box or through call forwarding part way through receiving it. I checked the originating number and yes, that's the Canada Revenue Agency call center though I don't think that the number was spoofed, though it possibly could have been.

So I logged into my Canada Revenue Agency account and checked my mail and tax status standing and all was alright. No pending threats or messages from Government agents or anything of that nature. So what I garner from this is that a member of this cult is in trouble with the law for tax evasion or tax fraud, and has an arrest warrant out for themselves, and they seem to have an insider sympathizer who has been forwarding their arrest messages to my phone number, or the guilty party gave out my phone number as their residential line. The odd part though is that the automated calls were cut off and missing vital information that would have indicated the identity of the intended recipient and yet the call(s) clearly originated from the Canada Revenue Agency. It could be a hoax with the help of an insider, as I've said this cult appears to have insiders in some places. More evidence that the activities of this cult should be formally investigated.

I am also authorized to receive alerts and messages through the online channel of the Government as when you register such an account it allows you online signing authority as evidenced by the fact that you can submit taxes online and directly to the Government as I have more than a few times already. You can also receive messages as well in this way.

So this is more evidence towards the fact that this is an organized gang of some form that needs to be investigated. I've already reported it to the Federal Police myself a number of times and have done my part. These online records as well as my phone records are kept. Even in typing this my neighbours immediately began harassing me once again trying to provoke some kind of harsh reaction as well. Well I'd better get back to what I was doing. My guess is that I'll be working on What Different Eyes See and Bella's Tarot Reading within the next week or two. Until then I'm trying to get this android application done.

One quick thought is that learning how to file your taxes and a bit of key financial management skills are something that should be taught in schools from around the age of 14 (when many students get their first summer jobs). I'm fortunate that when I got my first real job at 14, during tax time my family did our taxes together every year until myself and my brother could do them alone. I'm 50 now and that vital skill has been very important throughout life.

For individuals who have back taxes or large amounts of unfiled taxes they should allow a clemency up until a certain value of taxes due, though for individuals only who worked legally in the country or and were paid cash or expected to file their own tax information. It seems to me that we'd want more people to trust due process, an organized system and elective process rather than to alienate more people into thinking that the Government is evil or out to get them. The risk with any system: Religion, Government or even Companies is that they can be misused for personal goals and revenge upon their enemies rather than due process. I would say that the most important step to gaining the trust of people is to ensure that such a system (again Religion, Government and Companies) are not being misused personally by individuals or clandestine groups operating within them to act against their enemies in any free society. There are likely many of the members of this cult operating in society that try to provoke conflict between the people and the Government more so because they want a society without the rule of Government law to "win" and operate under Theocratic law based upon a belief system rather than a secular due process and system that is supposed to represent the interests of all peoples of all genders, cultures, ages, and beliefs. Its easier to paint something as being "the bad guy" when there is an extreme disparity between any two paradigms and this distracts us from the bigger picture.

Here's a quick example of something related to how this cult might assume that I am not myself but rather possessed by someone else. I recently took part in a poll offered by one of the elective parties of our Government that asked what issue I happened to support the most. Now given my situation and the fact that it is very difficult to operate without being stalked or harassed by members of this cult and therefore support myself, I could have picked the pilot Basic Income Program that has been proposed where everyone will get a Basic Income from which they can survive, meaning that everyone receives at least a minimal standard of living. This would certainly help for those of us who've been vicitimized by stalking and abuse in the form I've spoken about. It certainly would have helped me and there were many reasons for me to pick such a choice, but instead I tried to look at the big picture in regard to areas I'd like to see developed if I was young again. What would have changed my life drastically if those options were available back then? So in thinking that way, I chose Free Post Secondary Tuition for students because I thought that would be super beneficial in society and possibly open doors for education to a lot more people, which in turn would result in a stronger economy and future advances throughout society as a whole. We're approaching that time when many of our roles in society will be replaced by automation or machine intelligence. Our roles are going to be changing drastically in the next fifty years and the risk is that if we don't have a social infrastructure the more that this happens, we'll end up with a division between the very rich and the extremely impoverished who will slowly disappear from the system and die off one by one. This is a problem that we're quickly approaching and a lot of people may not realize how quickly it will be upon us.

So the members of this cult instead presumed that because I picked Free Post Secondary Tuition, that I was possessed by a student rather than myself when in fact I was thinking as to what would have been the most beneficial if I was once again young and starting out in life once again. So this cult thought that I was more someone else than myself simply because of that choice. One of the people whose tax problems this cult has been trying to transfer to me is related to someone who had problems with their student loan and defaulted on it. So the membership of this cult just because of those choices on poll offered by a political party locally assumed that I was not myself because of that choice, and more this person who defaulted on their student loan and possibly has problems now with Revenue Canada. That goes to show you how little respect the membership of this cult has for other people and what they do to their victims, I'm not trying to paint myself better by making them appear worse. I'm trying to reveal the nature of the problem a bit better because to the members of this cult they actually don't regard me as being a person at all or even alive. I don't know if this happens frequently with others and it might be a social phenomenon where the crowd becomes more like its own collective life form and somehow becomes detached from its originating humanity and more like a monster. So in making that choice, I am still myself Brian Joseph Johns its just that I'm trying to think about the bigger picture and not always my own situation. I'd certainly Benefit from a guaranteed Basic Income and not because I don't like working, because I love to work. Its because that right has been taken from me by the membership of this cult along with my identity and individuality as I'm sure it has for many people. Being in this situation gives me unique insight and perspective into other people's situations and a sense of compassion and sometimes a bit of zeal towards those who'd cause such harm. Like my concern for the Women of the 1960s in relation to their plight at the hands of social abuse and how that all relates to now and how Women are treated. I don't think that people who do this have an "off switch" or a heart and I don't think that it's particularly healthy for them to try to be so evil just to make someone else look so good, though I don't think that's entirely what's going on but it could be in part. That energy that it takes to do something of that nature could be better used in society in another way rather than taking away someone else's identity and individuality.

As a Buddhist and Taoist as well this concept has roots in this distinction and what I believe is the biggest misunderstanding that many people have about Buddhism and that's the concept of self. Many people are led to believe that in order to be Buddhist and become enlightened that you must do away with a concept of self and that's not true for if it was, then the individual cells that make up our bodies would be of little importance to the whole, yet disease and virii destroy the whole by killing our bodies one cell at a time. So this idea of doing away with individuality or the self is just complete nonsense and just a pawn that is currently being used by people who dissect other people's belief systems by using the inherent bureaucracy of the belief system itself. By using what they read like a rule book that states: in order to be a Buddhist or Christian or Atheist or Humanist or Hindu or Muslim or Catholic or Taoist you must do this and this and this and not do this and this and this. Beliefs do not work that way at all and I believe that the path to belief or spiritual advancement or whatever you may want to call it is personal and subjective and different for every single individual, yet similar enough that it can be discussed in allegory and anecdote. However, the way to divide people is to regard anything of that nature as a collection of rules and a checklist that we must adhere to in order to be accepted as that "thing". In other words pragma and dogma.

So in my beliefs there is a sense of self. You don't give up your sense of self and identity at all anymore than a kidney doesn't just become another liver or stomach in your body. They're different and they're needed to maintain the whole much like each cell that makes up those things in your body much like each of the fundamental particles that make up their atoms much like the "impulses" of energy at the Planck scale that make up the field of existence insofar as the limits to what we're capable of measuring. Besides, the thing that I like about the people that I like and especially the ones that I love is that they're not just carbon copies of everyone else, myself included. They're unique. We all are. Every living creature and object in this universe seems to be. Keep in mind as well that every whole is made up of individuals. In the case of people, that whole is the result of cooperation, not the complete surrendering of the self. That cooperation results in us coming up with rules and laws that benefit all of us while considering us each as individuals as part of the whole within society and should adapt while adhering to a core set of values that protect all living beings and more specifically all living human beings in our particular case. So there you have it. I am still myself and there's nobody I'd rather be and I sincerely hope that you feel the exact same way about yourself.

I do by the way completely support the Government and due process but I believe that confidence should always reflect the rights of the people and our goals as a whole and as a member of the countries of the world.

Oh and when I say that I'm not a member of any blood centric cult, what I mean is that I'm not a member of any ideology that sorts people out according to their culture, religion or eugenics in such a way that would stand against intercultural relationships (either specific mixes of culture or all mixes of culture) and whose rules for how cultures can be combined would be symbolized by colours. I am actually a clinical blood donor (though I haven't donated for a while) having blood type AB (though for some reason I'm listed in Canadian Blood Services as having blood type A despite the fact that two more recent blood tests performed externally returned an AB blood type result). Blood type AB unbeknownst to most people is another universal blood product donor. That is, blood products from any blood type AB person much like a blood type O person can be used with any other blood type. AB blood type are universal platelet donors. So much to the contradictory to how some people have categorized blood type AB as being the "selfish or self serving" type of blood, in actual fact it is the blood type of a universal donor in the same way, though with different specific blood products to its counterpart type O blood donors.

As I've said more than a few times, the ideology in question seems to use the concept that if you cannot keep secret aspects about yourself or if you don't use your talents, skills and abilities that you'll lose them and the credit associated with your accomplishments resulting from their use will go to someone else. That concept is complete nonsense. For instance if you learn how to ride a bicycle, you can stop riding for twenty years and get back onto a bicycle as if you'd never stopped. Likewise with driving a vehicle. Likewise with most learned skills creative talents and abilities that aren't directly linked to muscle strength and stamina to use. In that case, a person just has to exercise enough to be capable of that skill once again but they never lose a talent, skill or ability.

I believe that this cult is actually attempting to further their ideology in making key elements related to a person's identity interchangeable with those of other people through their corresponding personal data and records which I believe is of great danger and consequence to society as a whole. Perhaps at some point in the future when we've been able to figure out the nature of human consciousness as being an emergent property of energy and particle interactions or the very building blocks of reality itself hidden within the infinite measure of the Planck scale (as I personally believe) and that the brain is a specially evolved connector that links consciousness to a conglomeration of a special class of organic matter allowing perception, cognition, memory and all of the higher sensory brain functions to act and interact physically with other matter that we'll be able to determine what part of us is us and what information field or energy is it that quantifies us as individuals versus a collection of memories (which are components of the cognitive and sensory systems and necessary for muscular or motor related skills associated directly with the movement of the matter which makes us up more so than the thinker that does the driving) that we'll be able to determine what is transferable to and from our consciousness to another location to make something or someone more like us than not.

In other words, if a clandestine group of people whose ideology is contradictory to the core values that resulted in our due process, representation and rights infiltrate and start using the information systems that keep the records related to ourselves and our social (not self) identity to transfer, eradicate or otherwise illegally modify the social identity and records those who do not follow their beliefs that we are all in grave danger. Unfortunately it is not until you've had that threatened that you realize that is at risk.

When I gripe about this activity I'm not saying that its coming from the internet or other people out there (though there's likely some playing with me in that regard). I'm talking about a group of people who live close by to my place (many of whom are right in my building of residence) who believe that they are relocation someone else's mind into my body as crazy as that sounds. So they literally make it a competition of measuring if according to what I say and do if I'm more myself than someone else. They're rooting for they're friends of course as I don't know anyone in this building despite having lived here for almost 6 years. I believe that there's people who take part in this competition in other places as well, who literally believe that a part of themselves is being transferred to other people and that they are controlling that person. This link between themselves and their victims is what they regard as blood. Its more like puppet strings to them. They use this belief to accommodate their attempts at theft of what other people accomplish giving nothing back in return for what they take except abuse and more often than not, pain. The cult in this sense literally believe that they're replacing my own being with theirs more and more. That is, my body is no longer the home of my own consciousness according to the membership of this cult and they make it a game of trying to trick others that may be a part of your family who are members of their religion or belief system into going along with the same thing to the needs of their cult more so than your own identity and being. The more that I claim that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, the more the membership of this cult treats me like I'm someone else. That's what it comes down to. If I watch a television show that doesn't have anyone of Chinese culture in it, then they believe that I've "broken" my Mandarin Chinese love interest. If I watch an Anime (I like some Anime like Ghost In The Shell etc) then because its of Japanese culture they believe once again that my Mandarin Chinese love interest is broken and that I'm someone else other than myself. The scary thing about this is that its all that they do. I mean that. Day and night that's all that this cult do. It's like they're obsessed with me and believe me I'm not that important or of monetary worth or notoriety to attract such attention so its very unnerving not to mention impossible to get ahead in life like this. Not to mention the cult members put the responsibility for their activities and life style onto my person despite the fact that I have no involvement with them nor do I even really know them. And this takes place in a major city like Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 200 Sherbourne Street. I live in apartment 701 and the lease for that apartment says my name on it at the TCHC records center as far as I know. My name is Brian Joseph Johns. I've got a copy of that lease. My phone number is 416-203-0928 and Bell has that on their records as well and that name is on my bills every time I pay my bill. As I've said, this cult abuses a person in place of one of their friends for aspects of their friends' lives. So they're making you carry the weight of their friend's mistakes even if you don't know them. If you react in such a way that is more consistent with who they're treating you like, the entire community that takes part in this activity then goes along with the idea that you are no longer yourself and more that person than yourself. They then put your identity onto someone else and that person gets the credit for anything good that you say or do. Its a sort of social cult that uses hate and abuse to load their garbage onto someone else in substitution of their friends and fellow cult members.

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