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More Exposure Of Cult

I'm so sorry to hear about the plight of the Florida students and hope the best for them and their families. Perhaps having the suspect apprehended will bring some insight into the motives for his rampage and lead investigators and policy makers towards a path that will prevent future violence against innocent people.

This is my blog of blog for "rants", "protests" and "complaints" seeing as I am not a member of any belief system that would penalize someone for expressing their point of view or protesting ill treatment. This blog is intended to bring to light activities as performed by organized groups of people who stalk and often cause psychological harm to their victims, of which I am one.

So the latest effort by this cult was once again in the category of identity theft. In the last few days I've been active just as I have in the past with Amnesty International and several other organizations related to their means of activism. So after participating in some of the latest petitions (by signing or posting and sharing with the addition of some notes) the local "cult" assumes that I am more someone else than I am myself. In other words, every time I do something that might be a bit different from my own usual activities of writing and coding that I am somehow someone different, or as I've said many times "possessed" by someone else according to this cult.

Usually after doing such things, I'm attacked profusely by the membership of this cult which is one reason why I don't partake of doing this as much as I used to. I mean I'm living in low income housing and I don't make much money, so to this cult I'm supposed to be miserable. If I start happily "tweeting" ie like the bird that didn't fly south for the winter, that I'm drawing the attention of the cat that will consume me. That of course comes from the bird and the cat story which goes something like this:

A little bird refused to join the pack which was flying south for the winter. Winter came and  It was so cold so the bird froze and fell to the ground covered with snow. 

A cow came by and dropped some dung on the bird. The pile of cow dung warmed the bird and brought it back to life. 

It lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy.A passing cat heard the bird singing took the bird out of the pile of cow dung, and ate it.

The moral of the story being:

(1) Don't discount experienced advice of people who care for your success.
(2) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.
(3) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
(4) And when you're in deep shit, it's best to keep your mouth shut!

[Thanks to Delivering Delight]

I used to work for an animation and film company in the West end of Toronto, and this is a story that the very enigmatic Director and Co-Producer of the film told me around the time that I started to notice that people were treating me a bit rudely. That person's name (and not to bring his name down but more to correctly identity) was Frank Avianca of FFP Ltd. The story didn't really make sense to me, as I was not in trouble nor was guilty of doing anything that would put me in trouble. So the "deep shit" line just didn't make sense.

At that time I didn't understand that there were cults that stole other people's identities and then made them into non-existent people often referred to as "ghosts". So the members of this cult would come around and take a person's good reputation and history from them while leaving that person with their bad reputation and history. Sort of swapping identities though the cult themselves then treat the person to whom they've done this as if they don't exist. Referred to as a ghost or something of a similar nature. You're regarded as not existing and in order to interact with other people, you have to borrow someone else's identity. This isn't something that I would ever do, so the membership of this cult automatically does it for me every time I go outside or on an errand like going grocery shopping or something of that nature. I'm literally treated as if I'm someone else, and as I've said, I'm not a member of any religion or belief system that would do that not to mention that this ideology is in violation of the law and as I've said several times, I've reported that activity and those violations several times to the Federal Police along with the entirety of the methodology of this cult's operation within society. They're sort of opposed to the "system" and have their own hidden system often based upon theocratic rule and law of some form within the communities that this cult operates. So they even operate outside of the law. As I've said, they seem to freely steal other people's histories and wear them for their own while dumping their repute onto their victim.

So any time I do something that draws attention, this cult regards me as being someone else to whom they give the credit and regard me as being anybody but myself. As I've stated this whole thing is colour symbolized as well, and that's not to say that colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, etc) or shades (black, white, gray, etc) are bad as I certainly wouldn't want a universe without any of them. Its how they're used by this cult to ruin or take from people that is bad. So I'm not a member of any such cult and most of what I know about said cult's operation is in the hands of the Federal Police. I really hope it makes a good investigative tool for them and helps to put a stop to this sort of thing.

As I've said, I'm not really a member of Christianity or Islam or any such belief system or philosophy. I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist actually which is different from my past being Catholic (though I was never officially baptized). I converted to Buddhism and Taoism in 2007 after experiencing one of the worst ploys by this cult which I'm sure is connected to this activity.

One of the common themes that seems to come up with regard to this identity swapping is in relation to spousal abuse (something I've never done) and the importing and distribution of cocaine or crack cocaine. So I'd say that whomever they've swapped my identity with is or was involved in something of that nature and went to prison for a length of time. From what I garner, they also managed to get their daughter involved in this activity in some regard or form as well. So the people protecting that person then used me and my reputation as a substitute for theirs, and put that person's repute onto mine though two things remain a fact and that's I've never fathered a child in my life and I've never been to prison. In fact, I don't even have a criminal record.

I've also delivered most of that information in terms of this cult's operate to the Federal Police because I don't like being treated that way. The evidence of this cult that I have is this:

When finding out I was in communication with the Federal Police, the membership of this cult lay low for about a week and a half. One of the construction projects going on in this very building suddenly shut down and the majority of workers fled packing up their equipment and everything in the middle of the week. That's not to say that construction workers are bad or anything of that nature. I certainly have nothing against, but when this cult found out that I was in communication with Feds, the information filtered to those people and they ran, while the rest of the abusive cult remained low key for a week and a half after which they started their social stalking and harassment once again treating me as someone of a much different identity.

So I'm aware that this cult have something to hide from the eyes and ears of the Federal Police and that it must be serious because they literally backed off for a great deal of time. As soon as they figured the coast was clear, it was business as usual. I believe that they have done this to other people before as well. I mean if someone has a contact in authorities in some way, the way to discredit them is to trick them into crying wolf one too many times. That reduces the credibility of the victim in question.

I believe that there should be leniency at times and a bit of vice as well with regard to the application of Policing and the law. I think that this cult and gang has learned that it is beneficial to polarize a person to extremes in terms of modal thinking and that it benefits them in that regard in a sort of hot and cold way of doing things rather than the clarity of mind to think carefully about distinguishing situations. When its warm, its business as usual for the local crack cocaine merchants and when its cold, the streets are often absent of such activity but this activity isn't really about local narcotics culture. Its about something much bigger. The local narcotics culture is just capitalizing upon it and its timing often referred to as "the rhythm". Don't get me wrong, I believe in everyone's right to belief or non-belief. We live in a secular society, and the choice of belief is personal and subjective and has no place in the rule of law, though some beliefs draw coincidence in terms of common rules (ie though shalt not kill, though shalt not bear false witness etc). 

So when I do anything that is taking part in society or an organization that stands for human rights or anything like that, I'm not someone else doing that. I'm not a member of any cult that steals the efforts of another person that way either.

This cult regards what a person accomplishes especially if its good, as being part of a daily poker game and their accomplishments as being part of the pot, whether the victim is playing this poker game or not. So the cult regard whatever that person accomplishes as their free game that they can take it away from that person's repute and apply it to someone else's usually using love and hate or blood and fire as the fulcrum around which this see-saw game is played.

If you know who is responsible for your accomplishments and efforts then why should it matter? Well it shouldn't really, but what happens with this cult is that socially their numbers are great and they regard what you accomplish as having come from someone else. In other words, what you accomplish goes to the credit of someone else whose life it fuels, and you are regarded as someone else completely different from your own identity. That's a problem when an entire society of people treat you that way even if you know the truth of the matter. Because nothing has physically been taken from you its very difficult to build a case against such an activity. I mean you've socially been ganged up on and had aspects of your being taken from you by a cult. Yes there's good cults (like a cult movie classic like say Plan 9 From Outer Space etc) and there's bad cults (like the Jim Jones Jonestown cult massacre and mass suicide which saw 918 people die many of which were Women and Children).

So the cult of which I speak, gives a person an identity usually at the beginning of the day and then switches it many times over throughout the course of the day. Maybe kind of like the Philip K. Dick story A Scanner Darkly, in which an ex-narcotic user ends up working for the Police service and in doing as such has an identity that is in near constant fluctuation as evidenced by the rotoscoped movie version:

A Scanner Darkly Trailer

Identity Shifting Scramble Suit

Blue Flowers

So I'm guessing that's sort of an allegory or metaphor either presented by the film's art director or director to relay an underlying theme of the story. That informants or undercover assets don't really have any coherent identity at all for the duration of time that they're used? When they're retired from their work, they're only entitled to blue flowers and perhaps aren't even considered to exist? A blue flower can refer to companionship of a cold nature (blue), meaning one of the various symbols for cold, such as cold blooded, cold hearted, cold or blue love in which the representation of love and hate are reversed. 

A great movie and story as Philip K. Dick is a great author and certainly amongst my favourites (I read Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep a year before the movie Blade Runner was released). I personally think the movie is an incredible work of art and very thought provoking and relevant. Great performances too by everyone in the film. Incredible art direction as well.

While writing this post, I was harassed by a group of people in my building who want me to be a Jehovah's Witness or have the identity of a specific Jehovah's Witness that lives in this building despite the fact that I'm not a member of Christianity at all (or Islam) and I mean no disrespect by that statement. After It's my right as a Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701.

So perhaps that helps a bit in terms of understanding and in my explanation of this cult. I just want my own identity. I like being myself and I can only hope that everyone feels the same way about themselves. If you don't then you need to adjust something. Either don't care about how other people feel about you, or shore up the differences between your expectations of yourself and what you're really capable. I don't play guitar by the way. Quite often the identity I'm given refers to someone that this cult call "guitar". As I've said, I don't play guitar. Apparently I'm not aloud to have my own identity in the presence of this cult. I intend to stop them or at least expose them.

Brian Joseph Johns

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