Sunday, February 4, 2018

More Exposure About This Cult And Their Methodology

So the abuse has continued nearly non-stop for the whole weekend and from the middle of last week sometime (from about Wednesday). Since my last post, the neighbours have been harassing me around the clock since going to bed and trying to sleep a bit.

One of their methods of causing problems for their victims using biomagnetism is by trying to use it to connect their victim to someone else that gives them an intense headache and sometimes nausea. So the cult use this as a form of punishment (most often religious punishment or what they call blue hell and as a means of swapping your identity with that of someone else). That is mostly because the cult believes that our bodies are not are identity, but that our identity and individuality is drawn from a collective consciousness. A pool of personas and personal qualities that the members of this cult give nicknames and identifiers to track their movement from body to different body. Nicknames like "slap", "cry", "choke" and a variety of others that relate to or describe an aspect about that quality that they believe hops from person to person and that a person's individuality is made up of a quantity of these qualities working in combination together. They believe that through biomagnetism that these qualities can be transferred from one body to another via the symbolism of colours.

In terms of biomagnetism, the only thing that I believe that is happening is that the cult's methodology allows their membership to temporarily synchronize and connect to someone else's nervous system which allows information and sensory experiences to be shared for a short amount of time. Usually between a day to a few days at a time depending up the cult member's efforts to maintain this link. The link is often maintained through the abuse I've described (abusive love/hate). The cult believe this abuse to actually be the blood of their cult members being transferred to their victims and with it, the cult members' identities as well as the responsibilities for their "sins" and burdens.

So with this cult they believe that anything I claim about my abuse and experiences as a result of their abuse of me, is actually not coming from my own personally experience but the experiences of members of their cult (probably Hell's Angels, Bloods or possibly Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints or another religion of similar blood centric ideology). So my efforts here to expose them aren't even considered to be originating from my own persona nor is my pain as a result of their abuse. They consider that Brian Joseph Johns (my identity) is located in someone else's body while the members of their cult have inhabited my body and that's who is pulling the strings to make me write these posts. I have to wonder if in the case of such a feat, that my body would be capable of speculating the difference between myself and them and their bodies and mine, or even distinguishing features of my persona and theirs.

So one of the methods of abuse they've been using for the last two days is attempting to connect someone with myself whom I refer to as "headache", because of the fact that when this cult attempts such a biomagnetic connection through hate and abuse and harassment, I usually end up getting a massive headache which can last for days. I believe that the person with whom they attempt to link me is someone who has a serious drug or alcohol problem and that by connecting me in that way to them biomagnetically, others will get clues related to their life rather than my own life in relation to what they believe are the habits in my life. So in other words, people would get the impression through meaningful coincidences by reading my stories or perusing my website that I have a serious narcotics or alcohol problem and maybe even some other things that are completely unrelated to my life and life style, despite the fact that I live in low income housing.

So this cult believes that identity is transferable and can be stolen and given to another body and will lie, cheat and steal in order to keep that social impression active that such a swapping has occurred. In my recent two posts, I indicated that I was homeless for a time of 8 years as a result of this cult's activities. I believe that during this time is when this cult attempted to erase my existence and steal my history from me. I'd bet that any paperwork relating to my time in the shelter system is gone as well as anything related to my activities during my time there and as a result of the activities of this cult and its sympathizers. I believe that my activities during my time in the shelter system were most likely attributed to everyone else in the shelter and homeless population during that time and probably still are while I continue to be considered not to exist by the members of this cult. When the need comes for the membership of this cult to answer to other authorities, I believe they come up with an imposter for my identity that is presented somewhat publicly or to anyone who might question if what I claim on this blog is actually truth and if I'm the real creator and writer of,,, and many others I've written. As I've said, my online identity is somewhat valuable to someone enough so that an organized cult in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has conspired to take it from me and completely erase my existence while giving others the impression that my physical identity is responsible for the activities originating from a group of other people's lives.

I believe that this cult, who likely have ties to organized crime in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area used their contacts in the shelter system to slowly erase my existence without myself being aware of what was actually happening until it was too late. By the time I figured it out and tried to explain it, I'd sound completely nuts and be easily written off as a result of my lack of resources and current position in life. As I've claimed before I've discussed what was happening with the Federal Police but I believe that there has been a layer of people between here locally in Toronto and the Feds who've obscured my identity to the Federal authorities in order to prevent any repercussions from befalling their activities in the area. Again explaining something of this magnitude would again make me sound crazy and give them a scape goat for writing these exposures off as nonsense. Believe me they're not. The cult members in my building by way of my neighbours are very aggressively attacking me right now as I write this. To prove I am who I say that I am, I'll put a reference to this blog on As I've explained the cult members who do this to people consider themselves to be on the "blue team", of which I am certainly not a member nor do I partake of their efforts seeing as the way they symbolize the colour blue is that whatever a person says means the opposite of what is expressed. So if I was on the blue team, what I'd exposed here would be suddenly reversed to mean the opposite and benefit the kind of people that I don't want to benefit from their abuse of others like myself. As I've said, this cult uses colours to symbolize this sort of thing, so earlier on my smart phone, I received a few ads that were specifically yellow blue white in colour and those ads were a repeat of the same ads many times over. Perhaps something that can happen on most smart phones though if members of this cult wanted me to think they were trying to help me, they would try and trick me into believing that I should follow the symbolism of their colours by using means such as that. Yellow typically means "protect". So yellow blue white in this case would mean "protect whatever is symbolized by the colours blue and white". In other words, don't let "blue and white" fall to a definition that benefits or is a detriment to their cult. So depending upon what was meant by that, it would indicate the nature of who would be using colours to symbolize such a thing. Another possibility is that using colours to create a secret language could be misused by others to trick others into believing a person to be mentally ill, in order to gas light them or discredit them if they are a whistle blower or in some way revealing a truth that others may want to be kept secret. So my references to the misuse of colours by this cult in many ways stands to discredit me and because few people would likely investigate my claims and especially the activities as they occur in this building, there'd be little or no proof or witness collaboration of this activity. It could even be an anti-Jewish group (there seems to be a large Zionist movement that seems very much anti-Jewish to be operating in the area and possibly in other parts of the world). I am certainly not anti-Jewish and never have been. I don't think that having a love interest that is Mandarin Chinese would certainly make me anti-Jewish as I believe she's not anti-Jewish at all either. I am not trying to force others to dance either, as I am not a "gun". I am just explaining what I am experiencing as a result of the abusive activities of this cult.

Another aspect is that if you protest your own abuse, they call it "complaining" and complaining is considered a "sin" or pseudo sin in some religions (Jehovah's Witnesses believe this and many others may too as well). Remember that some religions have their own "law" and hidden legal system that is used to punish people according to their beliefs, and these beliefs operate outside of the law and without a legal tribunal either. For instance, many Jehovah's Witnesses are required to report any activity that violates the laws of their beliefs (not judicial law but theocratic law) to an elder and not to report such activities to the Police so that these situations may be handled by their systems of punishment. I am not a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses at all, and in fact I'm not a member of any form of Christianity whatsoever nor Islam. I'm as I've explained many times, a Buddhist and a Taoist and someone who has been making an ever increasingly difficult effort to reveal the activities of this cult in Toronto and likely in other places too by sharing what I learn about their methodology. In return my identity is stolen from me and my existence is erased. Many of the people who take part in this as well are in part connected with the former crack cocaine network that used to permeate the Regent Park area and some who are or were involved in the local sex trafficking as well. I believe that part of this uses a person like myself as a means of cleaning their garbage and burdens from their life and trying to put it onto my love interest because this cult knows that she's a different culture and one they consider to be their garbage bags. As I've said they generally consider that of Mandarin Chinese people and often because of their tolerance and silence, to use them as their garbage bags.

My name is not Terence or Clarence or Jake (names of people locally with whom this cult try to swap my identity). I am also not "guitar". I have a relative named Jake that lives a good distance from this city. In fact, I don't really have any friends who haver remained in this city. Maybe they slowly left over time as well? I've never lived in this community either before 2004 when I ultimately ended up homeless and a resident of the shelter system for 8 years. Even when I explain that, this cult tries to hide it in someone else.

That could be because of a poem I wrote years ago called Now And Then:

What is now was then,
What was then is not.
What is to be and when,
Are now what's just thought.

Living in the past,
makes harbour for regret.
The good things you remember,
are the future you beset.

Brian Joseph Johns.

I wrote that in about 2001/2002 in the West End of Toronto where I lived at the time and sometime before I was aware that the negative treatment that I was experiencing at the time was the result of a an organized cult. I was actually working as a Computer Programmer and Technical Administrator for an animated film production, and no, I wasn't and am not a pedophile. There was someone around that time who also worked in the same industry who was charged for child exploitation related crimes and that wasn't me. Just to clarify.

So as I was explaining about my poem above. The cult uses bifurcation to steal a victim's history from them including anything that they create, by tricking them into contradicting their own history and creations and rewarding them to someone else who is more consistent with them, but keep in mind the membership of this cult who are numerous and very aggressive will work to derail you even if you are responsible for those creations and that history in reality, especially if it will clean up the reputations of their fellow cult members.

So I might have already at some point in the past lost the history associated with creating that poem to someone else as a result of this cult's game without even knowing it. Also, the cult would try to use my own words against me. So in abusing me they hope that I remember only the bad and their abuse, so that I beset the same future for myself. Meanwhile if and when I do recall the great things about my past, the members of this cult also steal them and apply them to someone else's life while regarding me as having the past of someone else.

So I believe that this cult began devouring my life in around that time when they tried to make me "disappear", a term even used by my somewhat intimidating and enigmatic employer at the time, who was Sicilian though I don't mean to push any clich├ęs or stigmas around and I am not a member of any organized crime nor do I believe that Sicilians or Italian culture is dominated by organized crime. I myself am not Italian by the way but interestingly enough is that much of Toronto's West End was constructed by a European and Italian post WWI and WWII workforce of skilled trades persons. I'm not Irish either with all due respect. I am not on the blue brown team at all in terms of colour symbolism though I have nothing against any culture or religion that respects the Human Rights code and does not try to coercively abuse and provoke other people into breaking that code so they may not benefit from its protection. This cult seems to do that quite often. Provoke a person into breaking a rule or law, so they don't benefit from the protections afforded by the rule of law and the criminal code, the constitution, the charter of rights and freedoms and the human rights code.

So as I was saying about the cult trying to use my words and writing against me, the same applies with my own stories as well such as the Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own and A Lady's Prerogative. Likewise their most current corresponding stories What Different Eyes See and Bella's Tarot Reading. Those to are up for grabs through this cult's steal another person's history and accomplishments bifurcation game though not by my choice. Hence why I don't believe in god or the devil or jesus christ of allah or mohammed. I certainly believe in anyone else's rights to their freedom of belief and religion, but I believe that my rights have been grossly violated without any repercussions resulting from the protection of laws or the human rights code, despite my effort to protect the rights of others. I mean this cult just steals my identity where it suits them when I do something that is worthy of such theft that might benefit their repute.

So once again let me clarify who I am and what I'm about. I'm Brian Joseph Johns. I'm 50 years old. I have green eyes and dark short slowly thinning hair. My love interest is Mandarin Chinese and she's a lady with whom I've been in a relationship prior. My love interest is not Italian or Japanese with all due respect though there are certainly many beautiful and wonderful Women of both those cultures as I'm sure you'd find in every culture the world over. In order to clarify who I am, I must distinguish my interests. I am not a member of any criminal gang or organization (of which I am aware). I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all, though I support the decriminalization of cannabis that is coming in July of 2018. I will still at that time choose not smoke it at all, though I might try some in cooking. I don't smoke cigarettes having quit coming up on seven years ago. My teeth are in pretty good order. I drink occasionally but far less than the country average for certain by age. I weigh 180 lbs and am 6 feet tall and am reasonably well built for my age, though I could use some exercise. As I've said, I am not on the blue team at all, as most of the abuse I've experienced comes from people who'd number themselves amongst that team and they don't seem to be held responsible for their mistreatment of others like the rest of us are. Remember most of these people want to see the laws of society broken down so that nobody is protected by them, so their abuse is geared towards tricking their victims into breaking those rules, in essence pulling their victims into what they call blue hell. I am heterosexual but I completely support the LGBTQ community and their rights. If this cult manages to trick other people onto the hate side of the fence like myself who believe in those rights, they'll then subject me to the treatment that results from their abusive beliefs without the protections of the rule of law, the constitution, the charter of rights and freedoms and the human rights code. So that's the reason they likely abuse their victims so much. Perhaps in order to solve this problem we might consider holding them accountable for those rules and laws instead of them getting away with them by abusing someone else until they respond in a way to that abuse that also violates the rules and laws regarding the fair treatment of people in civilization.

Brian Joseph Johns
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PS: This blog is not the "hate" side of love/hate that is derived from my other website which might be another tactic that this cult is trying to exploit to further its ideology.

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