Monday, February 5, 2018

More Attacks Against Me - More To Reveal About Them

After another night of abuse by this cult, I managed to get up at around 11AM EST on Monday and attempted to continue working on my Shhhh! For Android application, a feature rich keyring and password manager utility application that I wrote for Windows a number of years ago. It uses my own proprietary encryption method too which is very robust.

So anyway, as soon as I get Visual Studio started up and the project loaded, my neighbours in the form of these cult members imediately start harassing me once again. Now keep in mind that I'm monumental making efforts and have been for years in attempt to get onto my own feet and be self sufficient. The cult members who conduct the harassing make no similar effort whatsoever except to harass others, and like myself they also receive money from the Government as support. I already said that it costs Canadian tax payers $337 a month to keep me housed, clothed and fed while I work on my home business and website. Now consider that many of the people conducting the harassment against me are also on social support too and by the numbers of people who harass me, if they are bringing in the same amount of money to support themselves, with their approximate numbers the amount of money it takes to support them comes to around $10K a month based on $330/person x about thirty harassers locally in my immediate community. Of them, few of them make any other efforts than harassment and occasionally activities related to narcotics or things of a similar nature.

So it costs $10K a month for a bunch of people in the community to prevent me from working on anything so they can use me as a garbage bag for their activities and they're abusing someone who makes much effort towards success and self sufficiency both at home and out and about in the community. Look at Shhhh! Digital for just a tidbit of what I do, then maybe a look to to see where I started from in 2012 after being homeless for 8 years (where I was subjected to the same abuse and nearly constant identity theft while I did my best to get myself housed). During that time, for 5 of those 8 years, I worked nearly 40 hours a week making under $10 hr through a temp agency that doesn't exist anymore. So I was rarely if ever idle during that time and as I've said, when this cult finds a good source of reputation to fuel their lives, they literally erase the existence of their victim and steal everything related to their victim's efforts and accomplishments for themselves.

I must sound like a pretty bad person speaking this way about some of the cult members (not all) who are down and out on their luck much as I was during my time of homelessness. During that time, I'd work for the day and come back to the shelter at night with dessert for everyone in a 60 person shelter. I'd set aside $15 of my daily earnings every two days and buy a batch of chips, donuts and fruit from the local market and share this with everyone in the shelter from my own pocket, but I'd never say "I did this". I'd just do it. That was at Riverdale Salvation Army from about 2004 into 2005. So no, I don't think that I ever mistreated people or looked down on anyone based upon their income level or their life circumstances. There were some others too who did things like get day old donuts in the morning for everyone and that, and of the people who did things like that, we were few and far between. I certainly hope that those people didn't get targeted the same way that I did. I am not a member of Christianity by the way, but at that time I was Roman Catholic but that shouldn't make any difference. I became a Buddhist and Taoist in 2007 though and I doubt that had anything to do with this either.

As I've explained the membership of this cult whenever a person does something good or makes some effort, they try to steal the identity of the person and wear it as their own. I've already said that this cult does that for the entirety of their victim's lives, taking their victim's entire history from them and literally erasing them. That's because as I've said, this cult believes that there is no individual mind and that they control other people. They actually make measuring that into a game, taking into account what you bias as an indication of who has more influence over your choices. You or someone else that you're possessed by from this cult. The cult members use the outcome of situations like that to deem if you are more yourself than someone else or vice versa.

A recent example of this cult making such a determination includes some pretty serious "tests" that involve a lot of people, especially when there's a lot of value in stealing what the person has accomplished or what they have to offer especially related to their identity and current or past efforts. Consider it a daily game played by this cult, though the outcome is not like the outcome of a game as it actually affects your future in life and the lives of the people who've taken bits and pieces of your life and efforts from you.

I've mentioned that all of this is symbolized by colours, which help them to facilitate the means by which they conduct this competition or game if you will. Don't get me wrong, I love colours but this cult misuses them in such a way so as to steal another person's reality from them, while dumping the responsibility for their reality onto their victim. Like trading identities in a way and for the most part the victims of this don't even realize when its happening and likely won't discover this until long after it has been done, much like myself.

The cult regard people who take the credit for their own efforts as "pigs", meaning that they believe that those persons' efforts come not from their own real effort in reality, but from other experiences like reading a book, watching a movie, playing a video game and that when a person does those things the experience sticks to them in such a way, that other people get the impression that person really did those things. So if you are a computer user and professional (like myself or at least I used to be), many people will regard that aspects of your efforts aren't real. Much like if you were an actor, or a writer or a video game developer or something of that nature. That the experiences you acquire in life are just make believe. So if I talk about the fact that signaled the Federal Police about this cult and the aggressiveness of their activities with regard to their influence and danger against due process including the vote, this cult automatically would steal that impression from me first of all, the local authorities would regard my having claimed to do so as being something that came from a movie I'd watched, or a video game I played, or a book I read or wrote. So by the time this cult activity reaches the very people I tried to warn about it, its too late and I don't mean for myself but for due process and our system. Not to mention that the people doing this by that time will have already stolen my identity or swapped their history with mine. In my case currently, I'm actually treated like I don't exist if you could call it being "treated" at all.

They've obviously done this to others before as well because what happened to me from the time I'd fallen into homelessness seemed like it was well planned especially when I look back upon my records of events. In fact some of the situations occurred in such a way that if I and when I made these claims about other people taking my past and leaving me with their burden, the cult had done the same thing to others with my misgivings, making them a burden for someone else just so that when I exposed this (they likely knew that I would once I figured it out), that they could turn it around upon me. So much of what the membership of this cult did was about planning ahead for how they could discredit me when I decided that I would take them on.

First of all, this cult seems to have many allies within the shelter system itself, though that does not mean that the shelter system is bad or that the people who work for it or the clients are bad. It just happens that there is an ideology operating within that puts their ideology first, and due process second, even completely disregarding policy or misusing it in such a way that can be very damaging to anyone who stands in their way or that ends up turned into a target they choose to "dismantle" in this way. The people who keep their secrets are rewarded for doing so when they are trying to black-out their activities in any place they conduct them against a victim. So even my exposure of this cult's activities has drawn their efforts to black-out what I've revealed so far.

Locally where I live, the immediate membership of this cult as soon as I reveal something, they attribute it to someone else and not so that I'm protected but because it stands to benefit other people that they can iconify in some way. Often when something of this nature gets found out, people are scrambling to make it up to the victim(s) so that they don't get labeled with the blame for this or as being a part of it. So what this cult has learned is that if they can steal it from the person revealing it who is often a very real victim, they have a means to give out the victimization to other people for the benefit of those people while the victim who exposed it remains under constant abuse and torture from this cult. I don`t mean physical abuse and don`t get me wrong, I love this country and that`s why I am opposing this so much because I`m shocked that this goes on here in Canada.

So keeping me trapped in this situation has become a profitable thing for this cult and gang locally. In the late 1960s a similar thing started happening with Women, where many of them started becoming the victims of abusive hate, in attempts to affect their hormone cycle and cause emotional problems with these Women as a form of control. That`s because after the abuse visited upon these Women, their bodies would produce serotonin and dopamine to balance the stress they were under and often in large amounts, so after being abused, the Women`s mood would skyrocket to feeling great. They would feel guilty for defending themselves against their abuser(s) and then make up for that to the very people that abused them. The Women that protested this treatment and the emotional stress that it caused were often written off as head cases. The Doctors of that time had no other method to help them because at that time they had no idea of the social psychology of what was happening to affect these Women in this way. So the Doctor`s only means of helping them was pharmaceuticals like Prozac, because they had no other way to limit the effects of extreme hormone imbalance that resulted from social abuse which was really used as a means to control these Women. Even the movie Stepford Wives is a commentary on this real life situation, though the movie makers targeted the pharmaceutical companies and Doctors as the cause, which I contend with. I believe that Doctors were using the best tools that they had, and sociology and the knowledge of the nervous system had not progressed to the point where we are now. So many of the people who abused these Women protested the pharmaceutical companies as being the cause of the Women`s woes, when in fact the very people protesting were doing so because those pharmaceuticals were actually preventing the Women from ending up as victims of extreme emotional abuse. Prozac prevented these cult members from affecting Women in that way. Its the same reason that so many people stand against pharmaceuticals nowadays as well because any anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications prevent or at least severely limit the effects this cult can have on their victims. Even I rely on Cipracol myself and it has helped me immensely when dealing with the stress resulting from the abusiveness of the membership of this cult, though I still have my struggles.

If the West had trusted China and the Far East at that time during the 1960s and beyond during the height of the cold war, our civilization might have learned how their culture deals with similar problems and imbalances and blockages in Chi (biomagnetism produced by the electrochemical communications taking place in the nervous system) and possibly we might not have similar problems today. Do you think that maybe they`re onto something? I'm certain that our Doctors aren't the bad guys nor are the Pharmaceutical giants, though there can be a little misdirection and misguidance in every giant. Maybe if we can be pushed around emotionally between extremes that makes us very easy to control and maybe there's people who want that. Maybe there's a lot of people who want to use that to fire us up and overthrow our own Governments and attack our institutions because I've always noticed that it seems to be that its something that the Government is doing to us, rather than someone doing it to the Government so the Government gets all paranoid and starts monitoring us all trying to figure out what's going on so that the people doing this can say: "The Government is out to get us! Rise up against them!".

How many boats do you think arrive at their destination on extremely stormy seas versus calm waters? How many boats do you think make it through to their destination when their compass jumps back and forth, constantly switching polarity between north and south every moment? Now imagine that boat is a society of people. People need to wake up. Now watch that things calm down, how peaceful it will be and how good everyone will feel. Keep in mind that at the peak of highest wave, that it is only a step away from the trough of lowest low of that wave. If you aren't making the waves then who is controlling your voyage? I'd say that likely that would be whomever is making the waves and whomever sets the poles of the compass.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is

PS: There's nothing wrong with enjoying life and when you feel trapped in your own house or apartment, don't be made to feel guilty about watching television, reading, listening to music or playing a video game. Just don't let a bunch of people who want to control you make so many waves that you can't balance your life by taking part in it inside or out of doors. The people who don't want you to do something smart, or something physical like exercise or something that prevents you from being able to go outside peacefully just want to use you as their garbage bag. Don't let them use you that way and don't blame the Doctors or Pharmaceutical companies or even naturopathy. Remember when you pick an extreme side, that limits your possibilities and often that's something afforded by those who measure their own worth by the worthlessness of others so they need that sense of extremity to feel good about themselves. That can be done by someone pushing another person downwards, or by someone provoking someone else into pushing them down so that others believe that other person a monster.

Also keep in mind that love and hate are not the same thing. Hate and extreme reaction result from hormone imbalance to the point that your reactive mind has more say about your actions than your conscious mind. With love, you'll never have that problem because there is no combination of hormones in the body that will violate your conscious mind resulting from love. So love and hate are not the same thing. One if freewill and the other is or can be lack thereof.

To this cult they believe that this is the high crest of a wave they caused that resulted by creating an imbalance by abusing me for the last week, so that my body attempted to balance itself in terms of hormones by producing enough dopamine and endorphins so that the stress it caused didn't cause harm to my body. When that happens, a person's body will produce exorbitant amounts of hormones which will then skyrocket the nervous system and body into feeling good, much the same way those abusers would mistreat the Women until those Women became irate, knowing that within a half an hour the Woman's body would produce hormones that would make her feel the exact opposite of stressed. She'd feel guilty for being irate, and then make it up to her abusers, essentially rewarding them for their abuse of her. That's what they're trying to do to me but I won't feel guilty and I'll just keep on exposing them. What they'll likely do instead is take what I say and giving it to the credit of one or more of their cult members and the very people who took part in this abuse. Kind of like milking a cow.

Imagine if the kind of energy and effort that goes into doing this to people went into something else? Like discovering a Cure for Cancer? Like figuring out how to feed everyone? Like figuring out how to populate the Solar System? So about $10K a month in tax money to the people who beat me up and to make sure that I don't succeed and leave, and $337 a month to me to keep me alive and housed in tax money while this cult does this to me. That's not a plea for pity or donations because as I said, I don't want donations. If you want to donate, then donate to one of the charities I support on Shhhh! Digital Media, and this post was not a scam to trick anyone into donating something.

Good evening.

I'll go play some Civilization 6 for a bit then its off to bed in hopes I can get some work done on development and writing tomorrow.

Brian Joseph Johns

PPS: I'm not Bobby.

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