Sunday, February 4, 2018

Extreme Harassment All Night

So there was pretty much extreme harassment by this cult all night. I finished my last post and went to bed doing nothing more than that other than watching a video or two on youtube on my smart phone (which is a prepaid and which has zero balance currently if the account even still exists). I usually watch videos under my other gmail account,

So from the point that I went to sleep the cult continued their harassment until I awoke again though I managed to keep me balance, though I was still a bit upset. So I decided that I will try to reveal more about this cult.

Last night's harassment included harassment by a few people that I know personally from my own past. One being Ron Silk. Ron used to live at 59 Shandon Av, when we rented the whole house on that street. In the upstairs were Ron Silk, Ian Philips, Karen Hudson, Christine ( a French girl who was intensely fond of Celine Dion and dating a Portuguese friend of mine named Jerry) and myself. In the basement were my brother Darryl, John Penny and Japanese Katrina. Our friend Colin also rented a room for a time in the upstairs. So Ron is one of the people that the members of this cult attempt to swap with my identity and the cult members likely believe that my interest in someone Mandarin Chinese is just me trying to swap my identity with John Penny because he was in a relationship with Katrina. The truth is that my love interest is not Japanese and I never had a Japanese love interest, though I love Japanese culture. I've never known a Japanese lady to make the claim that she is my love interest. So likely this cult want other people to believe that I'm possessed by John Penny when I claim my love interest is Mandarin Chinese.

Also, I believe that this cult do conduct this harassment because they believe they are going to get some kind of a confession for something that likely did not happen, or was someone else's responsibility and use their harassment victim as a substitute for someone else. Likely that is the case with myself. So this cult abuse me because they want me to have guilty reactions that make me look like I have something that I need to confess. So if I did, I'd be confessing for someone else's "sins". That's literally how I believe that this cult operate and that's likely what they're trying to do. They regard it as being substitution and they seem to have targeted me for that purpose. So in response to that effort, I'll continue revealing what I've figured out about their cult.

As I've said before, this cult swap people's histories via bifurcation. They commonly make it a competition between people at various points in their past for the better reputation, giving it to the person who is currently more consistent with it. By that time in the person's life, they may have different allies, often religions, gangs, even criminal organizations, unions etc who help people to rewrite their past by making it into a competition for the better reputation by making competitions between two people from their past. Going from some arbitrary time early in their candidate's life history all the way forward to the current time.

So often in a person's past there are bullies, there are friends and there are acquaintances and others whom can account for a person's character. When this cult make such an attempt against a victim, they try to pit the victim against all of the people from their own past, so that there is nobody to account for the character of the victim and so that those people will remember things not the way that they happened, but in a way that supports the outcome of this bifurcation game. Using this method the cult attempt to completely rewrite history and usually this activity is conducted by organized crime or collectives whose human power has that kind of reach. In essence a form of corruption that could either be used to help or hurt someone and often this occurs within the guiding dogma of a particular religion. Whichever religion the collective happens to follow and quite often the collective are on the side of one of the competitors or the other. So for one of the competitors, its about wiping out some aspect of their past and putting it onto the other person, while for the other person, its about keeping their own history and past and the truth and avoiding someone else's history.

From what I gather, the cult seems to follow one person's life pitting each distinctive person from a part of their life against them (usually of the same sex). Two teams are formed up at some point made up of people who were there at that time, or who knew both of these competitors. Most often, the competitor who has the better history or past that wants to keep their own history or past is kept in the dark about what is going on in this regard and usually by the time they figure this out, most of their past has already been taken from them and replaced with someone else's. That's certainly what seems to have happened in my case. So in my childhood where I was a victim of bullying quite constantly, the cult members would have likely swapped my identity with that of my bullies and even tried to paint me as a bully myself by conducting the abuse upon me so that I'd react more and more like a bully, rather than myself which for the most part was a peaceful and easy going kind of person up until this sort of thing started to happen. The fact that this occurred is one of the inspirations for writing A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth though my book is an original creation.

I think that what caused this cult's activity was the fact that I'd chosen someone Mandarin Chinese as my love interest rather than someone on the blue brown side of the fence in terms of how they define the symbolism of colours. So the bifurcation game really picked up speed from that point, though I figure that it had started at least in my life from my early childhood, occurring first between my best friend at the time and myself, Scott Maple which likely did not work out for him as well, as around that time while in a store, I tried to steal a star wars figure, and I hope that he didn't get the blame for that. As far as the rest of what I can do in life, my skills and talents, quite often I've been treated as if I was just "blood sucking" Scott, because he turned out much more successful than I did, but I never compared myself, I just kept trying and trying harder. Meanwhile this (Nazi?) cult was in the way the whole time and from that time forward and even further. I guess this cult abuses their victims so they can get confessions like that from someone like myself. Fortunately I do not believe in Christianity at all or any religion based around its concepts that involve torturous treatment of other people.

I answered for that at that time. I was caught by security and hauled into the security office. The security agreed not to call my parents but I was banned for the store for about three months. I learned my lesson from that time, and I think that my motive was because Scott quite often got bundles of toys and had the best collection of star wars toys, while I couldn't keep up. I wasn't jealous mind you, I just wanted to contribute to being able to play with him and for it not always playing with his toys.

Not from that point forward, but close thereby this cult seemed to steal every aspect of my life and history by this form of swapping and rarely if ever did I benefit from it. That was likely the only case where something I did wrong may have ended up in the lap of a close friend and for that I am truly sorry. I was caught and I carried the burden for it myself and I learned from it and it made me a better person. But some people don't like for things to go that way because rather than learn from your mistakes, there are some people who believe that its easier to just take someone else's history from them as if it were their own and then rewrite it later. As I've said, I'm not on the blue team whatsoever and I don't believe that red is a fuel source for the blue team to siphon and to walk upon. Likewise, I don't believe in god or the devil as evidence in that regard has indicated to me that those concepts are nothing more than people masquerading as those concepts in a collective to scare people to the better path, and as a result are becoming more and more corrupted themselves. If there is some sort of omnipotent being, it is certainly not like that at all and certainly would lack much of the dogma present in most religion. Besides that kind of belief is personal and very subjective whereas social conduct is approximately objective if that makes any sense.

I myself am not a member of any secret society or society with secrets, such as the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Gnostics, Hermetic Order Of the Golden Dawn or Scientology. I am certainly not a member of any dogmatic religion that combines these methods of stealing a person's history while erasing them more and more from existence. There are some members of this cult that believe that some people (like myself) don't actually have consciousness or a soul. That my consciousness arises from the people that I've been in contact with over the course of my life, rather than my own individuality. That's another reason why the bifurcation game attempts to make a person look inconsistent with their own history. So they can claim that person was not themselves when those events occurred, especially if their victim's actions were beneficial to themselves or others. So the abuse conducted by the cult members against people now, is all about the cult trying to trick their victims into contradicting something about their actions or behaviors in their distant past so they can claim that person was not themselves but someone else. So to them, history and identity are a free for all game where anyone else's history is up for grabs. The bigger and more aggressive the gang protecting you, the better you'll fare. That's what is going on today, likely according to what this dogmatic cult believe to be a Gnostic "script" of what is supposed to happen in that way, and by people who are using this ideology in a very corrupt way. So I've got a very nasty gang working against me in attempt to take my history from me, so likely I'm not going to do too well in this as they seem to be doing it in shifts. The cult members ever refer to themselves as blue hells which may mean Hell's Angels, Bloods, or something of that nature despite the fact that I've contacted the Federal Police a few times about this activity.

I'm certainly not going to back down from what this cult are doing as I appear to be at the forefront of information regarding their activity and I have a feeling that a lot of other people's well being is depending upon what I can ascertain though I am trying not to stigmatize any group as being solely responsible for this activity. I can only reveal who seems to take part in it when they do, and often this role changes between different groups likely to keep people from accurately being able to identify it. All that I can say for sure, is that it quite often seems to involve the "blue team" more often than not though I'd also advise that people keep in mind their own opinion with regard to how colours are defined. If one colour in this regard of its symbolism becomes stigmatized, then that may have adverse affects upon democracy, due process and the markets. So it is not the colours themselves that are the problem, its what they come to symbolize to some people, and keep in mind that when people figure it out, they can change those symbols easily to different colours. Much like criminal gangs and certainly the visual nature of modern media makes that a veritable playground for any such organized effort. I love all colours but I don't love all ideologies, especially if they come to cause harm to innocent people and are not being used in the course of due process in a secular society governed by the rule of law and in respect of human rights and the rights of other living creatures and biomes on the planet.

So, no disrespect to Japanese Katrina, but my love interest being Mandarin Chinese is not related to me being attracted to her at all. Its related to my actually relationship with someone of that culture in 2005-2006. This cult seem to have tried to put someone else's history onto me to replace that one and in order to prevent me from being with someone of that culture at all. In fact, the membership of this cult often seems to try to put the identity of someone onto me that is Biafran (that's flattering but I'm Caucasian and not Biafran) and quite often someone who is a Jehovah's Witness, Seventh Day Adventist, Mormon, Catholic or Presbyterian even though I am not a member of any of those religions. As I've said, I've been a Buddhist and Taoist since 2007 and that's certainly not me having taken over someone else's history or past. That's the real me. Brian Joseph Johns.

I think that's also one motive this cult would use to swap my identity with Ron Silk. Because they would use that in the case that they thought I was trying to swap identities with John Penny so that people would treat me like my girlfriend was Katrina (when it wasn't and never was). So as a punishment this cult would swap my identity with Ron Silk's because his ex-girlfriend is African, so that says more about this cult's racist views because they tried to use his identity as a form of punishment in that way to punish me for being attracted to someone Oriental because they thought that I was stealing John Penny's identity. The cult also tried to swap my identity with someone from Guyana named Bobby (who I am not). I could actually go through a list of people this cult has tried to swap my identity with, including numerous people within the building that I currently live. So as I've said, this cult doesn't seem to allow certain people to have their own identity and literally tries to replace their identity with that of someone else. The cult also tries constantly to swap my identity with that of someone they simply call "Tanzanian" though it could be Tans in Ian because this cult operates quite frequently using the colour of a person's skin to indicate teams. So tans, would refer to people with tanned skin (versus fair and dark) and that they would be with my friend Ian (who according to rumour is supposed to be related to Royalty or something of that nature). So this cult seems to prey upon people according to their blood and stock and that's all they seem to be using my history for even to the point of stealing my own identity. So the price of that of course is that I reveal the means and methods of their activities in this regard as it is quite destructive and there is a lot of racism (and homophobia) involved in it. I'm not "dancing" by the way. The term "dancing" is used to refer to someone taking steps to avoid being shot in the feet and ending up looking like they're dancing. I support LGBTQ rights, but I'm heterosexual and I see no contradiction in that just the same as I believe in Women's rights, yet I am a Man. This cult seems to believe that sticking up for someone is a means to sucking their blood. Oh well. So much for sleep tonight as its 6AM in the morning and this cult have been going all night abusing me.

I also noticed that someone with my name (Brian Johns) is running one of the political parties and even looks a little bit similar to myself (in terms of having dark hair and wearing glasses, though who is likely a bit younger than myself). So that lets you know just how far the repercussions and coincidence involved in this go. I don't believe it is an attack on me but I believe what this cult are doing to me is. All that to abuse a person who lives in low income housing who literally night after night takes a beating from this cult to the point that I am often worn out the next day. I am fortunate that I managed to do so much on up until recently before this cult started attacking me again. Usually when they see me accomplishing things, they attempt to steal it or eradicate my identity and existence especially within the community that I live. Keeping that website going and having some semblance of a life while being abused like this all while living on $337 a month is no easy task. Thankfully I don't have a narcotics habit to compound things but my bills to eat up a lot of my money, and that's not a plead for donations at all. I actually would rather people just donate to the causes I support on But if some people understand the meager means by which I accomplish what I do, all the while being abused like this and having the credit for most of it stolen from me, you might understand why I sometimes write these posts. Not to mention that this cult regards companionship with Women as a reward, often given by local low cost prostitutes by the way. Something that I absolutely will not take part in but the cult doesn't want people to know that. That's because when they steal my identity, they also steal the rewards in that regard while giving other people the impression that I am taking part in those rewards. Now do you understand why I get upset about this? So to keep this aspect of things going, the cult would ensure that I don't receive the credit for what I do, that I don't progress as a result of it and that I remain single all the while so they can continually siphon rewards from me that way and not get caught for it. I'll be quite honest, I haven't had a relationship or sexual contact with anyone for 7 years and 8 months. This cult have been trying to give people the impression that I have and having me carry the weight for those rewards while someone else is actually receiving them because I won't accept them because I believe in monogamous long term relationships and not "booty call". So my efforts are being used by a gang in the building that I live to pay for their "booty call", quite often from prostitutes while that is attributed to my activities despite the fact that I have nothing to do with those activities whatsoever.

Understand now? Not to mention the cult members won't let me be with my love interest because of her social standing, and our difference in culture and also because she's likely not a member of their religion. I'm telling you, this needs investigating like you would not believe. Hard to believe they'd do that to a staunch defender of other people's rights. Eh? Who holds them responsible for their actions? Its funny but this concept of god and the devil and the collective that makes them up largely seems to ignore that. I'd better get ready for their next attack and hope that I have enough energy to continue my attempt to climb out and away from this situation honestly.

So there you have it once again.

Brian Joseph Johns, aka Weltherwithsp
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