Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Another Coordinated Attack By The Cult This Weekend...

Hi, I'm Brian Joseph Johns. It was a good weekend overall and I did celebrate the Lunar Year by cooking a good meal and having a glass of wine just before the weekend.

I spent most of my weekend playing a game called Robocraft (very good game and very addicting but the kind of thing that I like). I didn't really feel like doing much else this weekend. The cult in question pretty much harasses the crap out of me in such a way that I don't go out too often. The cult members themselves also believe that I don't have my own mind or feelings. That I'm feeling what everyone else is as a result of their collective consciousness which they refer to as the holy spirit or something similar, which as I've said, I don't believe in. I've read numerous works of Carl Gustav Jung, and this cult are likely trying to trick me into breaking down some of his ideas. The members of this cult spend a lot of time breaking down bits and pieces from a person's life. So they know I am a fan of his books and theories, so they try to trick me into breaking down his philosophies so the cult's philosophy is all that's left. Also if they manage to trick you into contradicting some part of your own past (like me reading and being a fan of CG Jung) the cult believes that you lose that past and repute and that it goes to someone else. The cult often does this as a form of bifurcation as I've described before. That means they conduct two person competitions, where two people compete for the better reputation and past of the two according to how consistent they are about it in the present. So the cult members whittle away at a person's life in this manner and they really are like a stalking gang. Then their victim's reaction to this sort of abuse the cult members attribute to a part of society that has a similar circumstances, and write of the victim's experiences as coming from that other part of society. In essence the cult members are denying their victim their own identity and being. In essence as well its referred to as being made a non-person or Damnatio Memorae (in ancient Rome). Erasing a person from history and its very similar to shunning, disconnection and ex-communication. So that's what they're up to with me. So I'm exposing them for what they are. In Regent Park community in Toronto where I live, this sort of harassment is pretty bad, though I seem to be one of only a few "targets". I'll explain more about the possibilities related to that aspect of this cult.

So whenever I do something, whether it be write the stories contained at http://www.shhhhdigital.com or write computer code on my own computer or anything related to aspects of my personal life, this cult implies that what I'm doing is because of the real lives of others rather than my own life. Kind of like I'm experiencing and remember their lives as if they were my own life. The cult actually believes that's where my books come from as well. Keep in mind that this is the "blue" team as the cult uses colours to symbolize itself. In this way, they can use this symbolism of colours over the internet much the same way that criminal gangs use colours to mark their turf. The cult members also use colours to attack a person, or to give them love or even blood. So when I get lots of messages from software or internet contacts that are part of a "blue white" representation (Facebook, iTunes as the updater is blue white) the cult members locally in my area will attack me verbally or start harassing me. So colour symbolism is a big part of how this gang operates and I believe they have criminal ties, but their boundaries extend far beyond the criminal. Often the members of this cult fight it out with people who are represented by the colour "red". Colours in fact play a large part of the symbolism of this cult. That's not to say that colours are "bad" but its how this cult uses them as an communications channel (see information theory). When this cult wants to attack someone, they'll often get a bunch of people to send communications or relay via Facebook and other "blue white" symbolized organizations, companies and clubs. So when that shows up in your email box, whatever that colour is symbolized as is how you get treated. I'm not a member of Prince Hall or anything of that nature at all. I'd certainly never join especially seeing how this cult treats people, and I'm not saying that they're members, but they're certainly the ambassadors for whatever they're a part and I want nothing to do with it.

I didn't really feel like writing this weekend and I think that the cult once again took advantage of this and as usual they continued their abuse around the end of the weekend. So as usual, I'm going to reveal the secrets of their operation and they're spend the next few days or weeks cleaning that up trying to hide it all in some way.

So first of all, I'm 50 years old. I'm not a member of any cult that trades identities between people as this cult does. I call them a cult because they behave as such and likely their operation in society likely results in harmful effects and possibly even death from time to time making them no different from the more notable cults that have resulted in mass deaths.

So because I'm essentially living in poverty and on social assistance (only because of the abuse of this cult otherwise I'd be working or having success with my own company) the cult treats me as if anything that I create comes from someone else's real life experiences. Especially what I've written in terms of The Butterfly Dragon line of stories (I'm not Italian by the way as there is an Italian writer with notoriously close story to one of my own that uses the same name: The Butterfly Dragon). So because of What Different Eyes See, and the nature of that story, this cult implies that it comes from real life celebrities or even politicians (Justin Trudeau?), because I'm too poor to write about something I've never experienced and I've never been to Asia.

So the cult try to find someone who has been to Asia (one of my nieces went to Asia about a month and a half after I'd written the section of the story that takes place in Thailand), and then claim that what I write comes from them. I guess that's because what I'm righting is alright and pretty thoughtful in some ways so the cult members try every means they can to steal what I write and claim that thoughtfulness came from them. In fact, anything I do this cult happens to operate that way. They believe that when you do anything creative that it comes from their blood as the members of this cult seem to believe that they're the only ones capable of whatever other people accomplish. So if you're a writer, this cult will do whatever they can to steal that from you and bury you, while promoting someone else's writing who is a member of their cult. So they crush their victims and promote the people they steal for.

Likely they're even trying to manipulate me into writing such a response, so they can use what I write to represent someone in their cult who would claim to be a victim of the same thing, except my protests of victimization would go completely unnoticed, and this person's would be recognized and society would then make it up to them (because to society I'm a ghost). So I'm trying to expose this as much as I can hoping that someone will click and do something about it.

I've even taken part in Amnesty International writing for other people's rights only to have mine completely denied. Even my efforts for the Amnesty International have been attributed to other people entirely different from myself. So I get victimized and when I protest my own victimization, I get ignored. Keep in mind that I'm not a member of any religion that would penalize me for protesting unfair treatment (some religions refer to anyone's effort to protest as "complaining" for which such a person is often punished). I'm not a member of Christianity at all or Islam with all due respect. I'm not Jewish either but I completely support the Jewish people of Israel and a lasting peace in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine through a process that takes into account each side of negotiations in fair and complete manner. I'm not Irish or Italian by the way either (with all due respect).

So the economy this cult has figured out is that if I do things because I'm motivated to do so, and to keep busy despite being trapped by this cult and having everything stolen from me, the way they work it is that they use me to fuel their lives. So I pay for the impression that I'm working by taking their work (I don't take it actually, this cult kind of forced me into this position), and in return I have to give them the credit for anything that I do. Its like a barter system economy where one person gives up the repute that goes along with their daily activities and efforts, and in return gets something similar from the other person in the form of something that they need.

The cult keep doing this to their victim probably in my case until I leave and move south to the United States. They've been giving me hints like that (like the story about the Cat and the Bird that Frank Avianca told me in 2002 when I worked for FFP Ltd) except that I'm never going to move to the United States. How could I? I make about $337 a month. I'm trapped indoors and rarely go outside as I'm usually stalked by people who operate under love/hate or something of that nature. I don't know, maybe they believe my love interest is Japanese? I love Japan, buy I've never been in a relationship with anyone Japanese. I'm not John Penny, though I did used to live in the same house as him. I'm not Ron Silk either. He lived there too but I'm not him. Likewise I am not Ian Philips and I don't play guitar at all. So I can't really operate in society thanks to the abuse this cult gives me so there's no chance of earning enough to leave and go south or anywhere for that matter but why besides being abused by people in my own country would I want to leave?

The cult in question believe that when you take on a hateful side of things, that you share all of your good with all the other "hateful" people, so often this abuse is about trying to steer their victim onto the hate side of the fence. The hate side of the fence for the most part seems to be the side of the fence that is the lawless side as well, and has their own little system going on like the barter system that I aforementioned. Though I'm quite liberal, I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all. I'm not a pirate and not involved with any sort of activity of that nature.

So the members of this cult basically prevent me from progressing in life and try to play me back and forth between two diametrical opposites in such a way that I benefit each side in equal measure likely trying to make a mockery of Taoism based upon this cult's impression of it seeing as I'm a Buddhist and a Taoist. I believe they don't quite understand and just like with them trying to trick me into contradicting something about CG Jung, the cult are likely trying to trick me into contradicting or going against something about Taoism or Buddhism in order to "disconnect" me from those beliefs and to leave me with their "blue" ideology as symbolized by all the people who tried to contact me and transfer their "blue" to me whatever it might have meant. Blue blood is something related to this cult as well and something they believe that can be transferred from person to person via hate and abuse which is likely why they so often do so to myself anytime I receive something that has the colours blue and white associated with it.

The cult also seem to prefer an association with both Jehovah's Witnesses and Egyptology (and I mean no disrespect by that statement as I am just trying to describe what I am experiencing as a result of this cult's abuse). I am not a member of either belief (so not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of any Egyptology based religion such as Roman Catholicism or The Hermetic Order Of the Golden Dawn or any similar Gnostic group with all due respect). I am not nor have I ever been a Gnostic, though I did my share of studying and reading with regard to philosophies related to Gnosticism. I don't follow the teachings of the Kybalion either (a Hermetic text from the 1920s in Chicago rumored to have connections to ancient Egypt through Hermes Trismegistus who is in turn rumored to be the source of the Hermes mythos, the Messenger of the Gods, who in turn is the origin of the Roman God Mercury). So I'm not a member of any of that, but I do know quite a bit about that philosophy. I don't have a youtube channel that covers ancient history by the way.

So I guess because my neighbours began their harassment once again at the beginning of the week, and because this cult obviously timed it with the reception of a lot of email symbolized by the colour blue and white, this cult conducted a bunch of harassment against me.

In Japan, blue tends to mean "love", and a bit of what I was privy to this weekend came from Japan as well, though I don't suspect that they were sending me "hate" at all. Locally the cult around here are certainly against me having interactions with members of Asian or Oriental cultures especially Chinese culture (which happens the be the culture of my love interest). Specially a Mandarin Chinese Canadian with whom I've been in a relationship (my name is not Pete or Peter with all due respect and my love interest isn't named Mir and I don't work for a Security company).

So I do have my own mind and nobody is fueling my life in the sense that what I write or create comes from them. There are people who probably try to influence what I write about for certain and it seems to be a hidden game played by this cult. That's another reason why I've waited about three weeks before I wrote anything new (I think I updated Bella's Tarot Reading about a week and a half ago but nothing for What Different Eyes See). The cult also believe that because of the plot of Bella's Tarot Reading, that I'm being controlled by someone transgender (which I'm not) because the story deals with the concept of gender in a different way that has been used in other story lines by other writers in similar ways. I just wanted to deal with the issue in a way that challenged both my readers and my characters and it worked pretty good (I think). So this cult believes that because of the extreme differences in plot and character dynamics in What Different Eyes See and Bella's Tarot Reading that when I write one, that indicates as to where I'm being influenced and by whom in terms of this cult's membership.

Anyway, that's about all that I've got the energy for right now. I'll continue this explanation in a day or two taking up where I left off. It might help some other people who are in similar circumstances and predicaments.

Tuesday February 20, 2018 4:15PM

Here's a bit of a continuation of this post from the time and date above. The abuse I experienced from this cult continued for most of last night and for the whole day today leaving me with little sleep. I'm not sure where this came from but probably as a result of the love/hate established as a game by this cult and failing that, blood/fire which is the other duality. It oscillates between the two and no, once again I am not speaking out against the Tao, or even Yin Yang as I am a Taoist and Buddhist. I must express when a group of people consciously abuse others and I most often do take action when it is someone else. When it is myself that falls victim to this sort of thing nobody takes action to stop it which brings me to my next point.

I just signed a pledge with the United Nations to keep the balance in terms of Justice and Equality. They are principles I certainly agree with but I find that often the treatment that I receive from others is out of balance from the treatment I give to others. It is almost as if I am being punished for the actions of others rather than rewarded for my own efforts. I am certain that those others are being  rewarded for my actions while leaving the punishment for their actions upon others. This is what I've referred to as the identity switching performed by this cult and very often in my community.

The identity theft to which I refer isn't a person's paper or clerical identity, but their reputation and history and quite often taking the credit for their good efforts and benefiting from them. That's exactly what this cult is up to despite the fact that I've reported this to the Federal Authorities several times. I think that they don't quite understand what is going on. They probably think that I mean the paperwork and data side of a person's identity. While that certainly does happen (and might even be combined with this cult's activity to entirely steal a victim's identity) what I speak of is more that the cult in my community steals my efforts as I accomplish them and gives them out to others' credit.

Then every few days to a week, they engage in a program of constant abuse which lasts for a few days. Usually the weekends are very bad for that sort of thing and this weekend was certainly no exception. So I am certain they are punishing me for someone else's actions while stealing my good efforts. The people they do this for seem to be a part of the "purple" team and quite often seem to be linked with the duality formed between Jehovah's Witnesses and Prince Hall or any one of a number of other religions of which I am not a part. I am also not a Roman Catholic or a Gnostic either and actually I'm not a member of Christianity or Islam at all. As I've stated I'm a Buddhist and Taoist. I'm also not a Freemason (not seeking membership either if this is what I can expect as a Freemason) or a Rosicrucian (ie a "Rose" which to this cult is basically a garbage container or ammunition dump so they can make "social guns"). I'm also not a Scientologist either with all due respect. I'm also certainly not a member of any criminal gang or gang that operates using colours to lay down and mark their turf either. This cult believes that if you have what they call "Gay" blood or "Brown" blood that you are a Rose. In other words, the cult members can fill you up with their garbage so that you carry the burden for them as a means to pay for their blood, which they believe gives their victims the abilities to do creative and inventive things that go above and beyond what many others aspire to do in life. For this reason they believe their blood is superior and that others should have to pay for it. I believe that everyone is capable of anything they put their hearts and minds towards and that their blood plays no part in that. The term blood that the cult uses refers to the collective output of a group of people, both good/bad and everything in between. It does not mean the physical blood that flows through our veins that is composed of individual cells working in the body to carry oxygen and keep the arterial pathways unblocked while fighting disease. So keep in mind that I completely support LGBTQ rights and equality regardless of Gender or Culture. That doesn't mean that I don't support what I haven't discussed in terms of equality (ie Age, Physical or Mental special needs etc). It just seems that those are the two most recent issues to come up against me.

Also, I have nothing to do with anyone named or nicknamed Ky Anne (which I take to mean a reference to a fan of the Kybalion named Anne). I am single and have been for 7 years and almost 9 months. During that time I've not had any sexual encounters with any partners and prior to that time I've always been monogamous and have never cheated in a relationship. So within the building that I live, I don't know or hang out with anyone though I do have a neighbour who is a member of the Gay community that I'd call an ally and even possibly a friend. I'm a guy and it doesn't bother me that person's sexual orientation even if they are attracted to me. I'm heterosexual and my love interest is a Woman and I hope that nobody takes offense to that statement. My name is Brian Joseph Johns and I'm 50 years old by the way. I need to say that constantly because quite often as I type these entries or anything on my computer, the cult members around me immediately try to claim responsibility for what say and do and then dump their activities onto me. Many of which I'm often abused and punished for in their place.

Lastly, I don't play guitar. For some reason this cult believes that whatever I say and do that is noteworthy comes from the blood of someone they refer to as "guitar", in the essence that my blood is not good enough to produce what comes from me. I am a piano and keyboard player however. I will post another picture of me with this post at http://secretgameexposed.blogspot.ca

One more thing that I'd like to add is the cult's effort of abuse seems to be geared towards creating depressive or addictive behaviors in their victims. Most people when abused for long periods of time and who seem to have no means to escape such abuse turn to a quick means of temporary escape such as narcotics or other distractions. One could say that my love of video games is such a vice but I'd argue that it is in fact not at all.

There are many religions and belief systems that regard lack of motion or physical exertion as "sloth", one of the deadly sins. So if you work with computers, or as part of your leisure play games on them or even watch television or do something where your body is idle, this cult might treat you as if you're committing a deadly sin. In doing so, some of these religions believe that it is within the rules of their parishioners and what no to punish those who commit such sins despite what the secular laws say (or don't say) about such things.

I love gaming, but to tell you the truth before I was stalked by this cult, I was actually quite a physical person (though I'm sure there's many who'd steal that past from me as well). I still loved gaming, but had an excessive mixture of physical activity as well. I still do but as I've said, going outside can prove to be a session of abuse despite really having done nothing deserving of such abuse. I used to have a bicycle too, and used to ride just about everywhere (even hundreds of kilometres at a time). So when you get stalked and abused by this cult, it tends to prevent any such physical activity and the less active you are, the more you're likely to be used as a garbage bag by the members of this cult in the community where I live (Regent Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada).

For some reason they've been especially active recently and I'm not exactly sure why. There's no balance to what they do. I spend more time getting abused by this cult that I don't. In fact I'd say that this has been the case for much longer than half my entire life, so in that sense there's no balance. The cult also keeps referring to me as "Hoffa" probably based upon trying to give me the identity of someone who looks like Jimmy Hoffa, or possibly someone who is a Teamster despite the fact that the Teamster brotherhood is not permitted to operate in Canada. There is specific legislature that must be voted upon by existing Union bodies and the Senate as far as I know not to mention I'm not a Teamster. I'm certainly not Jimmy Hoffa either as I'd never embezzle money from the Retirement Fund of a Union. So insofar as exercise goes and being "sloth", I'd have to say that being not in motion is the result of this cult's abuse. Besides that, I'm not a member of any form of Christianity or religion that regards those activities as being a sin. That's likely another attack on Buddhism by this cult as one of the activities and forms of protest used in Buddhism could be said to be "sloth" by this cult as it requires a person to simply do "nothing". Also this cult are too busy fighting over who Jesus Christ is and whether he (or She) is African, Jewish, European or any number of cultural origins rather than what Jesus taught. I don't believe in Jesus Christ though I believe in everyone's right to choose their beliefs or to choose none at all. We're all free and we're all free to do so. I don't believe that any religion is better than another, as beliefs are subjective. Its like arguing with someone over your favourite colour or your favourite kind of music.

Oh and one more thing. My friend John Penny, a tall Scottish man I used to know dated a lady at one time named Katrina. She's Japanese and a nice girl at the time. John had long hair and a beard and looked somewhat like Da Vinci's rendition of Jesus Christ in the painting The Last Supper. I lived with him on 59 Shandon Avenue many years ago with my friends Ian Philips, Ron Silk, Colin, Karen Hudson, Christine (a French lady whose last name I don't remember). So when I claim that my love interest is Oriental, this cult often implies that I'm trying to steal John Penny's identity, as his girlfriend was Japanese Katrina. Katrina is not my love interest and never really has been though I love Japan and Japanese Women are very attractive to my sense of visual beauty. The only thing is that my love interest is actually Mandarin Chinese and she's older than myself and I'm 50. Not to mention, I've been in a relationship with this Woman before.

So the cult used the false idea that I was trying to steal John Penny's identity and used that as a justification to swap his history and mine. I was the one who got beat up and left for dead on Terraview Av in 1990/1991/1992 (it was a long time ago). My Mother was the one who wrote the story to the newspaper called "Thank You For Not Killing My Son". Her last name is listed as Schindler and that's because she was with my stepfather David Schindler from my age of 7 years old until I was about 20 or 21. I kept my original last name (Johns) as did my brother. My Father eventually remarried and lives happily ever after as does my Mother. So my Mother's letter caused a bit hooplah which resulted in me being labeled as Christ-like and Buddha-like for forgiving my attackers. The letter eventually found its way into a University textbook as part of a sociology curriculum where I was once again compared to Jesus and Buddha. One of the things that I figure is that this cult used that as a justification to attack me along with some other motives they'd concocted. They later tried to concoct the idea that I was a racist (which I never was) and that involved being abused and attacked by people of some other cultures for long periods of time in order to draw hateful reactions from me.

I believe they tried to imply that the beating which nearly left me dead on Terraview Av was because they labeled me as being a pedophile which is certainly not the case at all. Later, this cult then tried to swap my identity with that of some of my childhood bullies, so that they could claim that I was a bully and probably picked a fight with my attackers that night (which also was not the case). As I said, this cult did everything that they could to assassinate my good character and probably because they thought it was blasphemy me being compared to Jesus Christ or Buddha. So much so this cult likely made it into a game show-like competition along the lines of "Who's Jesus?" which they seem to play in many different communities.

So years later and this cult pretty much ruined my life. In addition, one of the attackers I'd heard was later charged with rape and assault. During my 8 years homeless in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this cult living in Toronto literally tried to erase my existence and steal that past from me and apply it to someone else. I'm still fighting the aftermath from that and unfortunately whenever I talk about this or reveal what this cult has done and are still doing, its swept under the carpet and people in society just try to hide it much like my existence. Its like they're trying to make me disappear, which is odd because that's something that Frank Avianca, the Producer-Director at FFP Ltd said to me once in attempt to frighten me.

Another thing about how this cult operates is that if they attack someone like myself, my response to their constant abuse makes me appear selfish or even as an enemy. This cult needs an enemy and an oppressor even when they don't have one because it sets up a paradigm where someone is against them, though their abuse of others is never taken into consideration. In fact they're harassing because they likely want to draw hate related speech or response from their victims. In that way, the only way around it is to say that the person writing the response to the abuse is American, where they have different freedom of speech laws. So for this cult its a way of moving the credit for the creations of their victims to another place and another person.

Fortunately none of my speech here is considered hate speech but what they are doing to me would be considered hate speech. Consider their abuse of their victims an investment into a way of stealing from their victims by trying to draw a response from their victim that is either illegal (putting their victim potentially into harm`s way which is the very definition of hate speech). I have nothing against anyone on the basis of culture, religion, sexual orientation or any other identifier that could be used to segregate people. It all comes down to how you treat others. Nobody is mind controlling me either. I'm not a member of any secret society (Illuminati, Freemasonry, Prince Hall, Golden Dawn or otherwise). Certainly I'd never be a member of anything that treats me like this. Also I'm not on the blue team no matter what and with all due respect. Every time I'm exposed to the colour blue, this cult in some way starts their abuse of me, so it symbolizes something to do with their cult hence why they use it as a form of transference and communication in such a way. I love all colours especially in art and science, but this cult uses colours as a communications channel to convey abuse to other people. In addition, believes their abuse is their blood. That they are punishing their victims as a means to pay for their superior blood because they're racists and that very fact that they draw people into their cult against their will is once again violation of Canada's Charter of Rights And Freedoms and Human Right's Act.

I don't use buy or sell narcotics nor am I involved in any of the activity in that regard that occurs around here. I also don't believe in God or the Devil or Jesus Christ though I am not anti-Christian. I am more anti-abuse which doesn't seem to be counted by anyone for some reason. If this sort of abuse continues then I'll just give up anything I'm doing to protect or help others' fight for their rights, because that's not fair to be completely ignored when it comes to my rights and fair treatment, and then to expect me to defend others' rights. I'll first contact the United Nations and inform them of this activity. Secondly I'll withdraw any contribution or help I'd give using my stories or any other effort that I make. I'm not a gun or a rose and certainly not a Nazi. I'm not Donald Trump either (obviously seeing as I live in Canada). I'm not the leader or elected official of any country and I'm not a member of any ideology that swaps identities between people such as the teachings of the Kybalion or even some parts of the Bible which refer to the line: As above, so below, which is interpreted by this cult that people should swap identities between their social classes. So the poor with the rich and the rich with the poor, the famous with the fameless and vice versa etc. The cult believe that when you swap identities that anything that comes from you is the result of the other person. Part of the reason this cult attacks me so much is because they want whatever blood of the person they believe that I've been swapped with. In addition, they cult members divide the day's garbage up between those who have Kane blood and those who don't. So the violent get the bad, and the others get the good. Generally they do things of that nature and then the bad they abuse the people carrying that burden to make it heavy. As I've said, I'm not a member of any religion that does things that way.

The cult also tries to swap my identity with a guitar player who was or is in a relationship with a lady named Karen. Around here, there is a lady named Karen who seems to either have an extreme weight problem (very thin) or possibly a disease or narcotics problem. That person seems to be mixed up with other people that I don't really hang out with (I actually don't know anyone in my building). So the members of this cult try to swap my identity with someone associated with her that they call Chuck guitar, who of course I'm not. I don't know or hang out with anyone in my building at all. In fact I have nobody that I'm social with in the community that I live and that's mostly because of the abuse to which I'm subject by this cult. The cult are racists as I've said, who are against my love interest being Mandarin Chinese because I'm a Caucasian guy. This cult believes that breaks blood and prevents me from being either a Rose or their garbage container. The cult responsible wants me to have something to do with crack cocaine for some reason despite the fact that I have nothing to do with that narcotic or any narcotic for that matter. I'm not even sure why they keep bothering me. I've told them many times I don't use, buy or sell narcotics and I've never Fathered a child.

They are currently saying: "brown french won."  which means they believe that my identity is someone they nicknamed brown french or brown cheese as they call it. Cheese is their way of saying "French". My Mandarin Chinese love interest lives full time in Canada by the way and travels yearly to China for a month or two.

So I'm not on the blue team, and I want nothing to do with any cult that uses colours to convey abuse to other people. Im not the Scorpion King in other words Im not Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, although I am a Scorpio but I quite honestly don't have a King.

One more thing about this cult is that they spy on my computer so they can cyber stalk me online as well. My neighbours appear to be in contact with members of this cult through their computers and likely use something like Overwolf or another voice chat application to coordinate with people online so this cult can stalk me online. For instance if I play an online game, the members of their cult can show up online in a coordinated manner to stalk me there. In addition, the cult uses colours and the symbolism of colours as the means to define how they dump their garbage on other people. So for instance if its red versus blue, they'll use the outcome and the definition for the colour blue to determine who and how gets what social burden and garbage. So really I can't do anything online in a fair manner despite the fact that I'm not a pirate or a pedophile nor do I use my internet connection for anything illegal. So in real life I can't go outside without being stalked and online I can't do anything without being stalked there. This is the result of my neighbours and their definitions for colours. Im not a member of their religion including the Salvation Army at all. I don't define blue as meaning that hate means love. Also, I don't consider Wayne Buttery to be my Father with all due respect. I think that in this cult he has a lot of sway within it either because he's a member of their religion or belief system and he's my Mother's boyfriend. I respect him that he takes care of my Mother, but I don't consider him my Father and I'm not a member of his religion or ideology at all. He has a large circle too, and they take part in the stalking and abuse for certain. His ideology operates under the blue black and white colours, which as I've said, I am not on the blue team specifically because of this cult's treatment of me. In addition this cult tries to imply that I am Italian and tries to force the identity of an Italian or an Irish person. The cult also operates under the colours brown blue as well, which symbolizes both of those cultures. So no, I'm not on the brown blue team either.

The cult members just coordinated an attack against me online while my neighbours were harassing me. They've done this before as well many times. My answer is that I won't use whatever software it was that I was using for a few months. I happened to be playing Robocraft when it happened. So I'll just forget about that for a few months now. Shame, I really like it and was going to sign up at the end of this month. Oh well. As I've stated I'm not a Jehovah's Witness and never will be and I don't use the colour blue to symbolize that what I say means the opposite. As I've said, I'm not a member of any form of Christianity at all or any religion that abuses and stalks people or disconnects or shuns or ex-communicates them. Likewise, I'm not a Scientologist either and never will be. I'll certainly never join any religion that practices aggressive conversion tactics that have resulted in those religions being banned in other parts of the world.

I live in 200 Sherbourne Street in Toronto Ontario Canada in apartment 701. I don't know anyone in this building and don't socialize with anyone either though that doesn't mean that everyone in here is a member of this cult. I believe that the apartment that I ended up with was strategically set up in advance knowing that this cult would have easy access to me. As I said, I'm not a Rose or a Gun either. I'm also not a member of Prince Hall or the "purple team either", though that doesn't mean that I don't believe in mixed culture relationships. My love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I'm Caucasian.

Blue brown also tends to mean "eugenics" which is something that I'm completely against.

I'm beginning to believe that this cult and its representation of religion are a real menace and threat to civic society and the secular rule of law.

Here's a link to my Mother's letter itself...

Here's a link to a movie adaption of my Mother's letter on IMDB.

Anyway, I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is http://secretgameexposed.blogspot.ca

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is http://secretgameexposed.blogspot.ca

My other blogs include http://www.shhhhdigital.com

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