Sunday, February 4, 2018

Alright A Few More Secrets About This Cult To Reveal

Ok here's a bit more as a result of more abuse from my neighbours that occurred after my last post. What they're up to currently has to do with what they call milking someone.

As I've explained before, this cult operates on the belief that if you carry the weight of burden for someone, you also get the credit for their good. In order for this to occur the symbolism of the shades black and white are used. Black means that you are acting as a sort of container, catching whatever someone who is wearing white reveals to others. This also might be bound to another colour, such as blue or red. So someone wearing blue black would catch whatever is revealed by someone wearing blue white. Likewise with red black and red white or any other colour combination used by the cult. This symbolism can also be used in other ways. For instance a skunk can symbolize this arrangement of colours and shades because a skunk stinks as a result of their scent glands. The colour symbol for something that smells is the colour green. So a skunk is used to symbolize green black and white.

So someone wearing green black might catch whatever is revealed by someone wearing green white. This colour symbolism also applies to the colours of a person's eyes. It works in this way too. So someone wearing brown black will catch whatever is revealed by someone who has brown eyes (because a person's iris is surrounded by a the eye whites for the colour brown white). Same with blue and whatever colour a person's eyes are. Mine are green so quite often it is important for this cult to use someone who is symbolized by the green black team though a person's current colours can also be symbolized by the colours that they wear.

Someone looking to catch what I reveal here might go by the colours orange black because of the blog colours, and the fact that it is written on this orange white blog (I used the default layout). So the way this works is that the cult believes that if they catch the weight and burden for what I reveal, they can benefit from the people who want it kept secret by simply keeping it secret. That's literally how this cult blacks out information. When in is important to be kept secret, they reward the people who keep it secret and from spreading, usually paying for it out of the accomplishments of the person revealing it (like myself) despite the fact that I'm doing it for the good of the country and society as a whole. I'm not Edward Snowden by the way. I'm Brian Joseph Johns and I'm not blood sucking Snowden or anyone for that matter. Maybe to this cult they believe that I'm just doing the same thing but for someone else which is not the case. In fact, everything that I've explained the cult likely may think comes from someone else's life which none of it does. That's literally how you can lose your whole identity to this cult but I'd prefer to expose them for what they are and that's thieves of other people's lives and efforts.

So the cult's current nickname for this black and white means of carrying the weight for someone to benefit from it is the word "Kun", which could have two possible origins. The first is that it is part of the word skunk without the "s" and the "k" at the end. The second is a result of a video that was posted by someone on youtube about a penguin named Grape Kun. Kun could either mean a formal Japanese honorific for a teacher, or a Maori pet name. So Grape Kun would refer to the colours purple black and white. The cult members locally seem to have shortened it simply to "Kun" to refer to something black and white.

I believe that what this cult does with myself is on weekends they organize for a large scale attack against myself whereby they either invite friends or fellow cult members to their apartments in neighbouring units to mine, or in some very bad cases they've literally had parties in the apartment buildings across the street where the harassment came from the party goers on the balcony and often lasted late into the night. In my area this effort has been coordinated in extreme ways against myself and often to provoke negative or hostile reactions and sometimes in attempt to provoke suicidal behavior.

As I've said, what I've revealed here is pretty bad and unbelievable that it happens in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and in Regent Park for that matter. Its disgusting that it happens anywhere and considering my former activism for Amnesty and other sites in that vein. As I've said, if this cult can milk you of your pain, they get the credit for your good and that's precisely what they're up to. This cult has no conscience about what they do to their victims either. I can go outside and be subject to this extreme activity so that cult can attempt to put me onto the hate side of the fence, so that I share my daily efforts with them rather than who I'd rather share them with. As I've said this cult are against the culture of my love interest, so this is their method of trying to isolate me from that person and keep me in their circle despite the fact that I want nothing to do with them whatsoever.

So this is the effort of the blue team most often, or blue purple or sometimes red purple. As I've said they are still doing the verbal harassment next door. The cult also have a few people whose identities around here they try to swap mine with. One person they refer to as "Chuck guitar", who is somehow associated with a lady in this building named Karen, with whom I have nothing to do. Its like this cult abuse me for whatever he's responsible. Secondly for someone named Bobby, who this cult have propped up to be the "King of the Pirates" and a "Dragon" and even "King Tut". The cult members who have propped him up that way then try to make me into his garbage bag in order to carry the weight of his burdens. They've even tried to credit him with my efforts to expose the activities of this cult to the Federal Police while the cult members try to bury my identity and existence all because they seem to believe that he is possessed of superior blood to other people. So he's like a secret icon that gets propped up by this cult time and time again. Not to mention that during my time in the shelter system, he assaulted me and I chose not to charge him. The people that follow him are like a cult and he's like the Charles Manson of it though likely victim to manipulation by them too and probably because this cult use him as a "gun" as well. They use him as a motivation for attempting to steal the Butterfly Dragon stories I've written as well and of course my book, not to be confused with a book simply called The Butterfly Dragon, which has a seemingly similar story to mine. I'm not making any accusations, but I'd be willing to be that at some point organized crime was spying on my computer as I wrote books and likely are still spying as well despite the fact that I've reported this activity to the Feds.

I've mentioned that the cult also often try to swap my identity with someone named Darren O'Brien, aka the rapper Snow because I knew him when I was a kid. He was friends with the kids that used to bully me as I was quite a nerd. Yes, the same nerd history that this cult tried to steal from me. As I've said the cult steals other people's histories or trades places with their victims. One other person that this cult does this with is another writer and childhood friend of mine named Rob Tozer despite the fact that I've not touched bases with Rob for many years up until recently. So the neighbours are members of this cult and they seem to have a dossier on everyone from my life, and their harassment is geared towards ripping my own identity away from me along with every effort I make and giving it to someone else's credit, often as I do it and then making me "disappear".

To be considered alive I have to buy someone else's blood and pay for it by giving them the credit for my efforts. Its a religion or cult of which I am not a part, whom the members of this cult try to give other people the impression that I am involved. In addition, the cult members try to give me the identity of someone involved in crack cocaine or heroin or something of that nature and meanwhile I have nothing to do with anything of that nature. They refer to this as blue hell or K hell of which I am not a part and certainly have nothing to do with anything hell oriented. I don't believe in heaven or hell in the first place. Often as well the cult try to give others the impression that I play guitar, and in fact I don't. So for the most part its about swapping my identity with someone else's and for the neighbours who are members of this cult it is quite literally a full time gig. That likely means that someone is rewarding them or paying them to do this to me and in that sense it is organized crime. The Police even get involved in it sometimes despite the fact that I have no criminal record and no prior involvement in any criminal gang or gang-like activity. As I've said, I believe that this cult has swapped my identity with that of someone else's along the path of my life and have been giving other people the impression that I am someone else. I have no plan of keeping their secrets though and I'll do everything I can to reveal their activities to the proper authorities until it is investigated. I am also not a member of any blood centric cult or ideology.

Brian Joseph Johns

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