Friday, February 2, 2018

A Return To Harassment By Local Cult In Toronto

It was actually going pretty good for the last week or so without any harassment by my neighbours or the cult's presence in the Regent Park area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada then all of the sudden in the last day it just went right back up to 200%. I'm not exactly sure what triggered it but it seems that they suddenly out of nowhere started their harassment campaign again.

It started with my immediate neighbours and a few others as well. It's a cult that operates around the whole premise of love/hate and blood, in which this cult believes themselves to be transferring the "sins" and identity of one person onto another via love/hate/blood ideology. Fire seems to prevent it symbolically so if you associate yourself with the symbolism of fire, they seem to cease for a time.

As well the cult attempts to make competitions  between two people at a time using a technique that I refer to as identity bifurcation, where the cult members force two people to compete for the better part of their own identity, while dumping the burdensome aspects onto the loser of these competitions. So if you aren't consistent with your own identity and actions, this cult believe your identity to be transferred to someone else. They're actually pretty dangerous in that regard because the cult members themselves will treat you as if you're not yourself but someone else entirely different. They treat you as if the real you has gone off to someone else's body and in some cases is lost forever. In that case the cult attempt to piece together aspects of your life from other people's identities that are similar to what yours used to be.

This is an ideology that does not pay attention to your human rights whatsoever or the law for that matter. They actually operate outside of the law, with little interference from legal entities such as Police unfortunately, though Police were likely never meant to be defenders of human rights more so than enforcing the criminal code and keeping the peace.

If you do choose to protest such abuse by the membership of this cult, you'll be labeled a "complainer" quite often, which seems to be an aspect of their belief system that determines what side of the fence you end upon by the end of the day. The hate side or the love side.

Most of the cult members too work together to cover up their abuse of their victims as well, often attributing such a person's troubles to them reacting to the tribulations of someone else that is often a member of this cult.

Currently the abuse the cult membership directs towards me is related to a few different people who are members of their gang/cult in 200 Sherbourne Street and other parts of Toronto. Mostly it deals with other people's activities who have done something burdensome and their friends/gang members/allies try to put the responsibility for their actions onto innocent people that have nothing to do with their cult. One of their biggest scams is getting a Woman pregnant and then putting the responsibility of reputation onto someone else who has nothing to do with the situation. That way the cult members' reputations aren't tarnished by their actions (they're usually protected by their fellow cult members) and someone else carries the burden for them.

The cult members typically try to dissociate a victim's identity from several aspects of their life. So if you're a victim of this cult, your past is typically stolen from you and applied to other people through use of identity bifurcation. You're local identity is stolen from you in terms of reputation (you inherit the reputation of someone else, often someone with whom you have no association) while they end up with your reputation. Your online identity is stolen from you and applied to someone else's reputation especially if it is a good one and the cult membership might try to put their online activities onto their victim.

So far that I've seen in terms of identity theft, the cult members don't steal your name per se, more so your reputation and apply it to someone else. They use the symbolism of colours quite often to facilitate this activity. I believe that they may be also swapping my actual residential internet with that of someone else's perhaps through a network admin or by some means that allow the cult members to access a ethernet switchbox or even the DHCP server and swap the internet activities of two apartments between each other. In this way they can get away with whatever it is they're up to in that regard. Some membership of the cult are racist too, so for myself they are very much against me being with someone Chinese and will go to great lengths to prevent such a thing including any online activities related to dating, mature entertainment or social interest in that regard and attribute those activities to someone else, so that the cult members can keep the impression that I am not "breaking blood" by being in a relationship with someone of a different culture. More often than not, this cult's effort is always geared towards trying to keep me on the "blue brown" team which so far as I've seen, is quite abusive. As I've said before, I've reported this activity to the Federal authorities a few times.

The cult more recently makes attempts to give me the identity of someone who plays guitar, while I am actually a piano and keyboard player. Part of their identity swapping in that regard is also related to try to convince others that I am Italian or Irish, of which I am neither. No disrespect is meant by that statement its just that I don't think that anyone would want their identity taken from them and forcibly replaced by someone else's.

In addition the membership of this cult often tries to put the burden for their activities involving crack cocaine onto me, despite the fact that I don't use, buy or sell narcotics whatsoever. I believe that this effort is part of the effort by a local gang to keep their activities in that regard hidden by relocating the burden for them to another part of the city and onto a person who has nothing to do with them. Often this switching occurs between different districts in the city as well (for instance Regent Park with Jane and Finch).

Ironically this abusive activity returns just when I start coming down with symptoms of the flu. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly grateful for what I have in life and fed and clothed, which many people the world over don't even have that but when an organized group starts conducting abusive activity against members of the community in this regard, something must be done about it and because this activity is particularly tricky to document and gather evidence against, it sometimes pays to keep a journal and log which is actually good if you've been victimized, as it allows you a chance to vent and gain perspective. The cult often try to abuse their victims into situations of harsh reaction in order to discredit their victim. So when a victim reacts to this abuse, the reaction is considered but not the abuse that is conducted by the cult members. So records of their activities in this regard are important as it seems to be an organized and possibly dangerous ideology. Likely the members of this cult will as well try to lay claim to what I wrote here in order to confuse the issue. My regular website and blog is and I am Brian Joseph Johns.

Brian Joseph Johns

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