Monday, February 5, 2018

1:00 AM EST And They've Started Attacking Again

After a short time of peace the cult members of the building slowly built up once again to abuse and an attempt to provoke a hateful reaction, combining it with biomagnetism as well, which is about them trying to affect other people's bodies with the kind of hormones they have present in theirs.

For this cult and gang, that means employing people who narcotics habits (often crack cocaine, heroin or other similar narcotics) to affect the hormone production in the body of a person who has no similar habits in such a way that it destabilizes their victim's mood and makes them very susceptible to reaction. That's not to say that everyone who has overcome narcotics addiction is a bad person at all, though it is to say that some who have or still do have such an addiction take part in this cult's activities and are used as the army of this cult. So when this cult does this to their victims, it can often result in an anxiety attack and this provides one part of the extreme reaction they need when they're rocking a victim back and forth emotionally to manipulate them. This combination of abuse and biomagnetism is what the cult members consider to be "blood" between them and their victims. Blood could be considered a sort of mystic name for a biomagnetic connection between two or more people. I mentioned yesterday that the cult members attempt to do this to their victim kind of like the Borg from Star Trek. In other words the cult have formed a sort of biomagnetic collective that allows them to share sensory experiences as a group. When they bring someone into their group it is often done invasively and without their permission. So this abuse is the precursor to the cult bringing their victim into their cult. In this way the cult are trying to gain access to whatever it is about their victim that makes them distinct in society so that they may benefit from it without returning anything to the victim for it in return.

So in my prior post, there was a lot of valuable information and perhaps some wisdom that would have much valuable especially if others could make it appear like it came from themselves. So that's precisely what this cult do in that regard. So a break of about an hour and a half, the cult members began attacking again doing the exact same thing.

Imagine that what the cult do when they're trying to provoke a reaction from their victim to milk them like a cow is similar to how a group of people might turn over a car onto its side. They begin by pushing it on one side. Then another group of people push it on the other side trying to use the momentum created by the first push to get the other side a little higher. Then the other side does the same thing until the car is bouncing high enough to easily tip it over. Thats exactly what this cult does with their victim's emotions and mood and getting that reaction is even often referred to as "cow tipping" for this reason.

The reason is that a bovine cow has a black and white hide. The cult want their victim to represent one side or the other in terms of what those shades symbolize. Black and white typically symbolize to this cult that you're either carrying the load, or your sharing your good. One or the other but not both and that's because the load is something the cult want to remain hidden in terms of where the load originated, much the same as the good so that many people can carry the weight of the burden of the load, without revealing from where it originated while they can also share in the credit for the good without revealing the source of that good. In the process of doing this to their victim, the victim usually cannot take part in society in the same way that other people can who are not stalked and harassed in a similar manner because the harassment and abuse is so disruptive to them and the stress caused by the abuse and biomagnetism can often result in anxious outbursts for the victim.

So the people conducting the abuse are trying to either turn their victim into a carrier of their load, or they`re trying to open up the victim to get at anything they did for the day that is good or productive. With other people this activity is not as prevalent because of the colours of their eyes. Eye colour can also symbolize to this cult how things are shared as well. So the two most common eye colours are blue and brown. A person's eye whites mean that their eye colours are blue white and brown white. Because they're the most common eye colours, the membership of this cult want everyone to be grouped into either blue eyes or brown eyes. If you have an eye colour that does not fit that colour scheme, chances are you'll be in for a bit of abuse by this cult. My eyes are green so it doesn't fit into their game. That's because with blue eyes and brown eyes, they compete to see which of the two colours is love and which one is hate when the paradigm of their game is in the paradigm of love/hate. When love and hate is broken down, it then switches over to "blood". So then the colours blue and brown have to symbolize blood of some nature symbolized by those two colours based on something to do with those colours and the kind of blood it is.

If you have a rare eye colour, like green, then you'll be an obstruction to this cult's game in some way. Especially with an eye colour like green, and that's because the colour green can symbolize so many different things and because the members of the cult want a person with green eyes to symbolize their green, whatever it may be. Because of this, the cult believe that whatever your eye colour is defined as is what you "leak" out onto other people. So if it is defined the way it is in Korea (green means love), then its alright because your "leaking" love or at least sharing love because green is defined as love in Korea. But if green is defined as something else, then that's where the problems come in and you can easily see that intolerance in many ways has simply moved to the colour of a person's eyes, especially when they have green eyes. That's because green can mean homosexuality, which to this cult would mean that if you have green eyes and its defined in that way that you're "leaking" homosexuality out onto other people, who would then treat you like you have cooties as a result of intolerance towards the Gay community despite whether you yourself are Gay or not. If it colours are in something related to blood, then it might be defined as the blood of a specific culture based upon symbols associated with the colour green, such as on the colours of a national flag. So for the members of this cult they see it as a funny and tricky way to get their blood onto other people through someone with green eyes and the people who want to avoid whatever it is defined as, will literally treat you like you have cooties.

It could also mean what it means in China or Japan. In China, someone with green eyes is considered to be easily controlled (that's one of the possible definitions) while in Japan green eyes mean someone in control of others. In fact, there's a whole fetish related to this kind of thing in a sort of role play kind of way and in fact its something that I enjoy too, but obviously with consent and as role play. This cult ignore consent completely and actually using emotional abuse attempt to control their victim in the utmost emotionally violating means. They would try this with myself because either they want to steal from me anything good that I said or did within the course of a day, or because they want to break down green from meaning anything related to control and define it as something else that they want it to mean even though most if not all of the people who take part in this abusive cult don't have green eyes. I do so I know personally what its like. This cult's activity is absolutely not the fault of China or Japan at all because they've lived many thousands of years with those definitions for green without any problems. The cult also might think that because my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, that I am trying to control other people by keeping green in that definition (I like control role play though I don't like being submissive as much but I've humored my love interest). So because of how China defines green in that aspect, if I claim my love interest is Chinese, then this cult tries to control me because I have green eyes and they want me to break that definition for green, and they likely want my love interest to be someone else because they're against certain mixed culture relationships. So as a result of all of this and the cult's abuse, I've lost my privacy and personal aspects about my relationships and intimate moments with my past girlfriends as a result. When I'm harassed by this cult its also a deprivation of privacy in that sense. As I've said they're pretty racist against the idea of me being in a relationship with someone Chinese so much so that they do whatever they can to prevent it or try to ensure that it is someone of their selection, that is part of a "blue" religion or belief system rather than a red one if that makes any sense. Worse still is what they would likely do to her in terms of stalking so in that sense, I'm confined to being permanently single and have been for more than 7 and a half years in addition to not being able to earn a living or find success without the membership of this cult stealing everything from me.

So that's another bit of information about the cult and a record of the fact that short time after they stopped their abuse they picked right up after a "lunch break" from it. Not just for my own sake, I hope that this helps someone else if they're in a similar situation and trying to understand what is going on. Much abuse is also geared to trying to make their victim appear to be a self serving type and a sociopath, hence why they try to play their victim between emotional extremes. If you're always abused then you're more likely "complain" and make posts saying "poor me". To other people this signals that you're literally only self concerned and selfish and generally prevents your readers from getting past into anything that might actually reveal useful information about the cult. So its a means to prevent their victims from being taken seriously, much like gas lighting would likely be.

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